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they can use. The-Valse-MusetteThe Valse Musette, a form of waltz popular in France, started in the late 19th century. The cross-step waltz (French Valse Boston) developed
Apr 24th 2017

La valse
La valse, poeme choregraphique pour orchestre (a choreographic poem for orchestra), is a work written by Maurice Ravel between February 1919 and 1920;
Apr 2nd 2017

La Valse des monstres
La Valse des monstres (English: The Monsters Waltz) is the first album released by Yann Tiersen. It includes several pieces he wrote for short films and
Jan 9th 2017

Valse Triste
Valse-TristeValse Triste may refer to: Valse triste (Sibelius), a 1904 orchestral piece by Jean Sibelius Valse triste (Liberda), a 1977 ballet by Bruno Liberda Valse
Mar 16th 2013

Grande valse brillante in E-flat major (Chopin)
The Grande valse brillante in E-flat major, Op. 18, was composed by Frederic Chopin in 1833 and published in 1834. This was his first published waltz
Jan 4th 2017

Valse triste (Sibelius)
For other uses, see Valse-TristeValse Triste (disambiguation). Valse triste (Sad Waltz), Op. 44, No. 1, is a short orchestral work by the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius
Mar 16th 2017

List of La valse casts
This is a list of casts for the ballet La valse made by New York City Ballet co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine to the eponymous
Sep 9th 2015

La Valse à Mille Temps
La Valse a Mille Temps (English: The Waltz With A Thousand Beats) is Jacques Brel's fourth album. Also known as Jacques Brel 4 and American Debut, the
Jan 13th 2015

La valse de l'adieu
La valse de l'adieu may refer to the Waltz in A-flat major, Op. 69, No. 1 by Frederic Chopin or The film La valse de l'adieu (France, 1928) by Henry Roussel
Jan 24th 2014

Valse romantique
Valse romantique is a solo piano piece written by the FrenchFrench composer Claude Debussy (1862–1918) in 1890. It is in the key of F minor. The piece is divided
Jul 9th 2016

Valse-Impromptu (Liszt)
Valse-Impromptu, S.213, is a waltz for solo piano composed by Franz Liszt in the key of A-flat major. The date of composition for the piece is not clear;
Dec 1st 2016

Valse-Scherzo (Tchaikovsky)
The Valse-Scherzo in C major, Op. 34, TH 58, is a work for violin and orchestra by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, written in 1877. It is not to be confused
Aug 28th 2016

Valses nobles et sentimentales (Ravel)
"Valses nobles et sentimentales" redirects here. For the work by Schubert, see Valses Sentimentales and Valses Nobles (Schubert). The Valses nobles et
Mar 7th 2017

Valse à deux temps
Valse a deux temps, waltz a deux temps ("waltz in two beats"), also Valse a deux pas ("waltz of two steps") or Valse Russe ("Russian waltz") (Russian name:
Aug 19th 2016

Valses Sentimentales and Valses Nobles (Schubert)
among these are two named collections, the 34 Valses Sentimentales (Op. 50, D. 779) and the 12 Valses Nobles (Op. 77, D. 969). Schubert's piano music
Jul 14th 2016

Brilliant Waltz
"Valse brillante" redirects here. For the waltz by Chopin, see Grande valse brillante (Chopin). Brilliant Waltz (French:Valse brillante) is a 1949 French
Jan 16th 2017

Valse Triste (ballet)
1985 ballet. Sibelius's-1903">For Jean Sibelius's 1903 orchestral piece, see Valse triste (Sibelius). Valse Triste is a ballet choreographed by Peter Martins when he was
Feb 23rd 2017

Waltz in A-flat major, Op. 69, No. 1 (Chopin)
waltz composed by Frederic Chopin. It is also called The-Farewell-WaltzThe Farewell Waltz or Valse de l'adieu. The waltz was originally written as a farewell piece to Maria
Jul 22nd 2016

Waltz in A-flat major, Op. 42 (Chopin)
Chopin's Waltz in A-flat major was one of his favorite compositions. Valse in A-flat major Op. 42 at Allmusic Music of the Romantic Era Waltzes at
Sep 12th 2016

Valser Tal
Valser Tal (German) is the name for three vallies in Switzerland, Italy, and Austria: The German name of Vals Valley, in the canton of the Grisons in Switzerland
Sep 5th 2016

Felix Godin
(c1864-1925), was an English composer of light music, best known for his elegiac Valse Septembre, a light waltz written in 1909. The waltz, which is composed in
Apr 6th 2016

The Paris Waltz
Paris-Waltz">The Paris Waltz (French: La Valse de Paris) is a 1950 French-Italian historical musical film directed by Marcel Achard and starring Yvonne Printemps,
Mar 24th 2017

Cross-step waltz
Cross-step waltz (originally, the French Valse Boston) is a social ballroom dance in  triple (help·info) time, performed primarily in closed position
Nov 24th 2016

Valses venezolanos
Valses venezolanos (Venezuelan waltzes), is a Venezuelan Compilation album from 1990, made by Aldemaro Romero and his hall orchestra with the record label
Nov 10th 2016

Valser Rhine
The-Valser-Rhine The Valser Rhine (German: Valser Rhein) is a source of the river Rhine in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The river originates from the Lanta Glacier and
Dec 28th 2016

Nokia tune
The Nokia tune (also called Grande Valse) is a phrase from a composition for solo guitar, Gran Vals, by the Spanish classical guitarist and composer Francisco
Mar 22nd 2017

The Last Waltz (1936 French film)
Last-Waltz">The Last Waltz (French:La derniere valse) is a 1936 French-British operetta film directed by Leo Mittler and starring Jean Martinelli, Jarmila Novotna
Apr 3rd 2017

La Valse de Madame Sosten
"La Valse de Madame Sosten" is the A-side of the 78-RPM single #17000, recorded by Joe Falcon and Cleoma Breaux in 1934. Side B contains "Mes Yeux Bleus"
Feb 25th 2016

Émile Waldteufel
allein), Valse, Op.142 (1875) Bien aimes waltz Op.143 (1875) Entre nous waltz op. 144 (1876) Flots de joie (Waves of Joy I Auf Glückes Wogen), Valse, Op.145
Feb 8th 2017

Kuolema (Sibelius)
"Other orchestral works / Music for the play Death: Valse triste, Scene with Cranes, Canzonetta, Valse romantique". Jean Sibelius. Finnish Club of Helsinki
Oct 27th 2016

Trois valses romantiques
The Trois valses romantiques (Three Romantic Waltzes) are a set of three pieces for two pianos by Chabrier Emmanuel Chabrier. Chabrier began the composition in
Jan 18th 2014

List of compositions by Jacques Offenbach
Six valses sentimentales, Dernier souvenir, Valse de zimmer, Abendblatter, Schuler-Polka, LesLes boules de neige, Landler, Le fleuve d’or, Valse, Le postillon
Feb 20th 2017

Les Valses de Vienne
"Les Valses de Vienne" is a 1989 song originally recorded by the French artist Francois Feldman for his 1989 album, Une Presence and was the second singles
Dec 19th 2016

Venezuelan Fiesta
Brisas del ZuliaValse (Breezes of Zulia). "This is a musical tribute to Lake Maracaibo, written by Amable Espina." GeranioValse (Geranium). "Written
Mar 11th 2012

Dennis McGee
"Blues de Basille" / "Valse-A-Thomas-ArdoinValse La Valse A Thomas Ardoin" (531 Brunswick) "Two Step D'Elton" / "Valse La Valse de Gueydan" (513 Brunswick) "Valse des Opelousas" / "One Step
Dec 19th 2016

article is about Arvid Jarnefelt's play. For Peter Martins's ballet, see Valse Triste (ballet). For Ajattara's album, see Kuolema (album). There is also
Dec 20th 2016

List of New York City Ballet 2009 repertory
Stravinsky Violin Concerto La Valse West Side Story Suite Stravinsky Violin Concerto La Valse West Side Story Suite Concerto
Feb 24th 2017

C'était ici
is the track number five of the second disc. CD 1 "Intro" - 0:25 "La valse d'Amelie" - 2:05 "C'etait ici" - 1:53 "Rue des cascades" - 5:41 (Sung by
Jan 2nd 2017

Waltz (music)
uses, see Waltz (disambiguation). A waltz (German: Walzer; French: ValseValse, Italian: Valzer, Spanish: Vals, Polish: Walc), probably deriving from German
Apr 25th 2017

Serenade for Strings (Tchaikovsky)
in forma di sonatina: Andante non troppo — Allegro moderato Valse: ModeratoTempo di valse Elegie: Larghetto elegiaco Finale (Tema russo): AndanteAllegro
Nov 15th 2016

Great Pianists of the 20th Century – Géza Anda
'Valse Grande Valse brillante' Waltz No. 1 in A flat major, Op. 34 'Valse brillante' Waltz No. 2 in A minor, Op. 34 Waltz No. 3 in F major, Op. 34 'Valse brillante'
Jan 15th 2014

Désiré Magnus
Abd-el-Kader, Marche, Op. 106 L'Addio, Grande valse, Op. 107 (1867) Carmosine, Polka-mazurka, Op. 108 Eole, Valse brillante, Op. 109 (1867) Der Freischütz
Dec 27th 2016

Vals Valley
The Vals Valley (German: Valser Tal) is located in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. The Vals Valley is a roughly 16 kilometers long valley. At
Feb 23rd 2016

Anatol Provazník
Bell Ghitta, Opera in 3 acts (1937); libretto by the composer Orchestral Valse des morts (1909) Suita z venkova (Suite Country Suite; Suite champetre; Landliche
Nov 1st 2016

the melodic album release Valse Mysterioso and partisipation on "Trondheim Jazz Festival". 1994: Veslefrekk (NorCD) 2004: Valse Mysterioso (NorCD) Norway
Apr 2nd 2017

Charles Mayer (composer)
Scherzo op. 63 No Impromptu No. 2 op. 65 Valse-etude No. 4 op. 69 Nocturne op. 81 Valse-etude op. 83 Caprice-Valse No. 1 op. 85 Capriccio No. 3 op. 87 Etudes
Jul 2nd 2016

Albert H. Oswald
- 1912 Album of Piano Duets - 1912 Orange Blossom, Valse, for piano - 1910 Spring Violets, Valse, for piano - 1900 Adelina, for piano - 1912 Alpine Shepherd
Apr 2nd 2016

Rodrigo Riera
bassoon); Preludio estudio, 1978; Valse-EstudioValse Estudio, Barquisimeto, 3.Mar.1979; Valse (Suite to sing to the Peoples); Valse-EstudioValse Estudio, Barquisimeto, 5.Jun.1979;
Jun 10th 2016

Julian Klemczyński
(violin, piano) Op. 43: La Foruarina, 4e Grande valse salon (violin, piano) Op. 44: La Joconde grande valse de salon (violin, piano) Op. 45: Duo sur Les
Mar 6th 2017

And the Waltz Goes On
waltzes from around the world, including a "Valse-TristeValse Triste" (sad waltz) from Finland, a miniature waltz "La petite Valse" from France, a popular waltz tune that
Apr 4th 2016

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