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Virgin Books
into WH Allen in 1989, but in 1991 WH Allen was renamed Virgin Publishing Ltd. Virgin Publishing's early success came with the Doctor Who New Adventures
Sep 24th 2016

Virgin Group
Virgin-Group-LtdVirgin Group Ltd. is a British multinational corporation venture capital conglomerate founded by entrepreneurs Sir Richard Branson and Nik Powell. Virgin
Apr 16th 2017

Virgin Interactive
Virgin Interactive Entertainment was the video game publishing division of British conglomerate the Virgin Group. It was formed as Virgin Games Ltd. in
May 16th 2017

Virgin Megastores
Virgin Megastores is an international entertainment retailing chain, founded by Sir Richard Branson as a record shop on London's Oxford Street in early
May 16th 2017

Virgin Radio
Virgin Radio is a brand owned by the Virgin Group. Virgin Radio International was established in 2001 to develop the brand and has since built one of the
Mar 6th 2017

Virgin Media
Virgin Media PLC is a British company which provides fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services to businesses and consumers
Mar 31st 2017

Virgin America
Virgin America Inc. is an American airline that was founded in 2004 and began operations in 2007. Headquartered in Burlingame, California in the San Francisco
May 24th 2017

Virgin birth of Jesus
The virgin birth of Jesus is the belief that Jesus was conceived in the womb of his mother Mary through the Holy Spirit without the agency of a human father
May 20th 2017

Virgin Play
Virgin Play was a Spanish video game publisher. They were split-up from the Titus Software owned Virgin Interactive in 2002, and filed for liquidation
May 22nd 2017

Virgin River
The-Virgin-RiverThe Virgin River is a tributary of the Colorado River in the U.S. states of Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. The river is about 162 miles (261 km) long. It was
May 21st 2017

Bloomsbury Publishing
This article is about the contemporary publishing company. For the historic literary group, see Bloomsbury Group. Bloomsbury Publishing plc (formerly M
Dec 13th 2016

Like a Virgin (song)
"Like a Virgin" is a song recorded by American singer Madonna for her second studio album Like a Virgin (1984). It was released on October 31, 1984, by
May 15th 2017

Ebury Publishing
Ebury Publishing is a division of Penguin Random House, and is a well-known publisher of general non-fiction books in the UK. Under its umbrella are the
Jan 14th 2016

EMI Music Publishing
publishing rights to four catalogues - Famous Music UK, Virgin Europe, Virgin Music Publishing UK and Virgin US - and the musical works of 12 contemporary authors
May 3rd 2017

Virgin Decalog
Virgin Decalog books were collections of short stories published by Virgin Publishing based on the television series Doctor Who: they gained their name
Aug 14th 2016

A Virgin Among the Living Dead
A Virgin Among the Living Dead is a 1973 Spanish-French erotic horror film directed by Jesus Franco, released two years after it was completed. It was
Mar 28th 2017

Sony/ATV Music Publishing
Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC is an American music publishing company owned by Sony through Sony Entertainment. The company was founded as a division of
May 12th 2017

Lagardère Publishing
Lagardere Publishing is the book publishing arm of Lagardere Group. Hachette (publishing) List of largest UK book publishers Rickett, Joel (2005-12-12)
Apr 25th 2017

Virgin TV
Virgin TV is a digital and analogue cable television service in the UK, owned by Liberty Global. Its origins date from NTL and Telewest, two of the largest
May 8th 2017

Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour
Madonna-LiveMadonna Live: The Virgin Tour is the second video album and the first live release by American singer-songwriter Madonna. It was released by Warner Music
Feb 10th 2017

The Virgin & the Wheels
The Virgin & the Wheels is a collection of two short science fiction novels by L. Sprague de Camp, published in paperback by Popular Library in 1976. An
Apr 12th 2017

The Virgin Islands Daily News
The Virgin Islands Daily News is a daily newspaper in the United States Virgin Islands headquartered on the island of Saint Thomas. In 1995 the newspaper
Mar 28th 2016

Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Croix Saint Croix (/ˌseɪnt ˈkrɔɪ/; Spanish: Santa Cruz; Dutch: Sint-Kruis; French: Sainte-Croix; Danish and Norwegian: Sankt Croix, Taino: Ay Ay) is an island
May 21st 2017

Virgin Atlantic Little Red
Virgin Atlantic Little Red (also referred to as Virgin Little Red and Little Red) was a British airline subsidiary owned by Virgin Atlantic. It was created
Apr 14th 2017

The Virgin Spring
The Virgin Spring (Swedish: Jungfrukallan) is a 1960 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. Set in medieval Sweden, it is a rape and revenge tale about
May 10th 2017

Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
Charlotte Amalie (/ˈʃɑːrlət əˈmɑːljə/ or /-ˈaməliː/), located on StSt. Thomas, is the capital and the largest city of the U.S. Virgin Islands, founded in
May 4th 2017

Black Virgin Mountain
Black Virgin Mountain (VietnameseVietnamese: Nui Ba Đen meaning "Black Lady Mountain", Khmer: Phnom Chol Baden) is a mountain in the Tay Ninh Province of Vietnam
Apr 16th 2017

Virgin Islands coqui
The-Virgin-IslandsThe Virgin Islands coqui (Eleutherodactylus schwartzi ) is a species of frog in the family Eleutherodactylidae. The species is endemic to the British Virgin
Apr 21st 2017

Fauna of the United States Virgin Islands
The fauna of the United States Virgin Islands consists of 144 species of birds, 22 species of mammals, 302 species of fish and 7 species of amphibians
Apr 15th 2016

Tutu, U.S. Virgin Islands
Tutu, also known as Estate Tutu is one of the seven administrative subdistricts on Saint Thomas island in the United States Virgin Islands. It is located
Mar 23rd 2017

Virgin Missing Adventures
The Virgin Missing Adventures were a series of novels from Virgin Publishing based on the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who, which
Feb 10th 2017

Encyclopedia of Popular Music
more frequently than more static subjects." Guinness Publishing, Virgin Publishing and Omnibus Press have produced the spin-offs on each subject and
May 2nd 2016

Virgin Steele (album)
Virgin Steele is the eponymous debut album by New York heavy metal band Virgin Steele, released independently in 1982. This was the first album released
Feb 12th 2017

Headline Publishing Group
Headline-Publishing-GroupHeadline Publishing Group is a British publishing company. It was founded in 1986 by Tim Hely Hutchinson. In 1993, Headline bought Hodder & Stoughton and
Apr 25th 2017

Bibliography of the United States Virgin Islands
This is an English language bibliography of United States Virgin Islands and its geography, history, inhabitants, culture, biota, etc. Acevedo-Rodriguez
Nov 10th 2015

DCD Publishing
DCD Publishing is a 360° literary and brand licensing agency representing a wide range of properties and talent across all media including: Television
Feb 7th 2016

Bitter Virgin
BitBitter-VirginBitBitter Virgin (Japanese: ビター バージン?, Hepburn: BitBitā Bājin) is a seinen manga presented by Kei Kusunoki and serialized in Young Gangan. Prior to producing
Mar 20th 2017

Virgin New Adventures
Virgin New Adventures (NA series, or NAs) were a series of novels from Virgin Publishing based on the British science-fiction television series Doctor Who
Dec 28th 2016

West End, Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
West End is the name of one of the seven census subdistricts (CSD) on the island of Saint Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands. Some of the populated
Mar 21st 2017

Virgin of Ocotlán
The Virgin of Ocotlan is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ocotlan, Tlaxcala, Mexico. The Virgin of Ocotlan is the patron saint of Tlaxcala and the
Dec 9th 2016

List of English-language book publishing companies
Clark Tachyon Publications Tammi, Finland Target Books – now part of Virgin Publishing Tarpaulin Sky Press Tartarus Press Tate Publishing & Enterprises Taunton
May 19th 2017

Nativity of Mary
Nativity The Nativity of the Mary Blessed Virgin Mary, the Nativity of Mary, or the Birth of the Virgin Mary, refers to a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of
May 8th 2017

Virgin of Mercy
Virgin The Virgin of Mercy is a subject in Christian Art, showing a group of people sheltering for protection under the outspread cloak, or pallium of the Virgin
Feb 28th 2017

Mary, mother of Jesus
Mary (Greek: Μαρία, translit. Maria; Aramaic: ܡܪܝܡ‎, translit. Mariam‎; Hebrew: מִרְיָם‎, translit. Miriam‎; Arabic: مريم‎, translit. Mariam‎), also known
May 24th 2017

Disney's Aladdin (Virgin Games video game)
Disney's Aladdin is a platform video game developed by Virgin Games and Disney Software based on the 1992 film of the same name. The game was released
May 21st 2017

Conception of the Virgin Mary
The Feast of the Conception of the Virgin Mary is the feast name given in the Tridentine Calendar on 8 December. In the present General Roman Calendar
Mar 26th 2017

ITP Publishing Group
ITP Media Group is a magazine publishing company focusing on the Middle East. The company, founded in 1987, publishes over 60 magazines in both Arabic
Jan 21st 2017

Death of the Virgin (van der Goes)
The Death of the Virgin is an oil on oak panel by the Flemish painter Hugo van der Goes. Completed c 1472–80, it shows the Virgin Mary on her deathbed
Mar 23rd 2017

Mainstream Publishing
Mainstream Publishing was a publishing company in Edinburgh, Scotland. Founded in 1978, it expired in December 2013. It was associated with the Random
Dec 30th 2016

Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary
For the religious order in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, see Marcelina Darowska. The Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary are
Apr 2nd 2015

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