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Walter C. Young
city of Pembroke Pines, the community named its middle school after him; Walter C. Young Middle School and Resource Center opened its doors in early 1991
Sep 2nd 2016

USS Walter C. Wann
USS Walter C. Wann (DE-412) was a John C. Butler-class destroyer escort built by Brown Shipbuilding at their yard in Houston, Texas. The ship was launched
Mar 25th 2017

Walter C. Sweeney, Jr.
football player, see Sweeney">Walt Sweeney. For the U.S. Army Major General, see Walter C. Sweeney, Sr. General Walter Campbell Sweeney, Jr. (July 23, 1909 – December
Nov 14th 2016

Walter C. Pitman, III
ISBN 978-0-684-85920-0.  Columbia University. Walter C Pitman III Verified 9 December 2010. "Biography? Walter C. Pitman III". The Betlesen Prize. 2004. Retrieved
Apr 20th 2016

Walter C. Alvarez
Collections. Alvarez on Alvarez, 1977 Walter C. Alvarez: American Man of Medicine, 1976 Inglenook Doctor Book, 1975 Dr. Walter C. Alvarez on Health & Life, 1975
Oct 10th 2016

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
This article is about the U.S. Army medical center in use until August 27, 2011. For the research institute, see Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Mar 4th 2017

Walter C. Monegan Jr.
Walter C. Monegan Jr., USMC, Who's Who in Marine Corps History, History Division, United States Marine Corps". Retrieved June 22, 2006.  "PFC Walter C
Mar 4th 2017

Walter Giffard
people named Walter Giffard, see Walter Giffard (disambiguation). Walter Giffard (c.1225 – April 1279) was Lord Chancellor of England and Archbishop of
Jan 5th 2017

Walter Branscombe
Walter Branscombe (c. 1220–1280) was Bishop of Exeter from 1258 to 1280. Nothing for certain is known of Walter Branscombe's origins and education, but
Apr 26th 2017

Walter Long (c. 1594–1637)
Sir Walter Long (c. 1594 – July 1637) was an English landowner and Member of Parliament. He was born in Wiltshire, the son of Sir Walter Long (1565-1610)
Dec 14th 2016

Carl Walter
the American surgeon, inventor, and professor, see Carl W. Walter. Carl Walter (c. 1831 – 7 October 1907), also known as Charles Walter, was a German-born
Feb 12th 2017

Walter C. Kelly
Walter C. Kelly (October 29, 1873 – January 6, 1939) was a Vaudeville comedian and actor. He was born in Mineville, New York. He was the brother of Jack
Nov 28th 2016

Walter C. Ramsay
Walter C. Ramsay (August 15, 1878 – February 9, 1928) was an American politician and newspaper editr. Born in Ford County, Illinois, Ramsay went to public
Feb 20th 2017

Walter (name)
Bruno Walter (1876–1962), German-American conductor and composer Carl Walter (c. 1831–1907), German-Australian botanist and photographer David Walter
Apr 27th 2017

Walter Hilton
Walter Hilton (c. 1340–45 – 24 March 1396) was an English Augustinian mystic, whose works became influential in the 15th century. Walter Hilton was born
Jan 2nd 2017

Walter Raleigh
For other people named Walter Raleigh, see Walter Raleigh (disambiguation). Sir Walter Raleigh (/ˈrɔːli/, /ˈrali/, or /ˈrɑːli/; circa 1554 – 29 October
Apr 25th 2017

Walter C. Hackett
redirects here. For the baseball player, see Hackett Walter Hackett (baseball). Walter C. Hackett (November 10, 1876 – January 20, 1944) was an American-British
Oct 5th 2016

Walter C. Koerner Library
Walter C. Koerner Library is an academic library at the Vancouver campus of the University of British Columbia. The library is named after Walter C.
Jan 3rd 2017

Walter Fernández
This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is Fernandez and the second or maternal family name is Balufo. Walter Fernandez
Nov 21st 2016

Walter Biggs
Biggs Walter Joseph Biggs (1886–1968) was an American illustrator and fine art painter. Biggs was born in Elliston, Virginia, in 1886. He studied in New
Sep 26th 2016

Walter Curran Mendenhall
Smith to the newly reorganized Federal Power Commission and then appointed Walter C. Mendenhall to succeed Smith as Director of the US Geological Survey, honoring
Nov 23rd 2016

Walter Curley
Walter Joseph Patrick Curley Jr. (September 17, 1922 – June 2, 2016) was the 57th United-States-AmbassadorUnited States Ambassador to France from 1989 to 1993, and the United
Apr 28th 2017

Walter Johnson
For other uses, see Walter Johnson (disambiguation). Walter Perry Johnson (November 6, 1887 – December 10, 1946), nicknamed "Barney" and "The Big Train"
Feb 20th 2017

Walter Martínez (footballer)
For other people named Walter Martinez, see Walter Martinez (disambiguation). This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name
Mar 29th 2017

Walter Washington
For others of the same name, see Walter Washington (disambiguation). Walter Edward Washington (April 15, 1915 – October 27, 2003) was an American civil
Mar 3rd 2017

Walter De Garmo
Walter C. De Garmo (1876–1951) was a prominent architect in Miami, Florida and its surrounding communities. His buildings include the Woman's Club of Coconut
Apr 4th 2017

Walter HWK 509
The Walter HWK 109-509 was a German liquid-fuel bipropellant rocket engine that powered the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet and Bachem Ba 349 aircraft. It was
Jan 29th 2017

Walter fitz Alan
Walter FitzAllan (1106 – June 1177) was the first Hereditary High Steward of Scotland (c. 1150-1177), and described as "a Norman by culture and by blood
May 30th 2016

Walter Gropius
Walter Adolph Georg Gropius (18 May 1883 – 5 July 1969) was a German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School, who, along with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Apr 24th 2017

Walter Williams
football player Williams Walt Williams (baseball) (1943–2016), American-MLBAmerican MLB player Walter C. Williams, American engineer; 1940s leader of National Advisory Committee
Sep 1st 2016

Walter Map
Map Walter Map (Latin: Mappus">Gualterius Mappus; 1140 – c. 1210) was a medieval writer of works written in Latin. Only one work is attributed to Map with any certainty:
Sep 17th 2016

Walter J. Stoessel Jr.
Stoessel-Jr">Walter John Stoessel Jr. (January 24, 1920 – December 9, 1986) was an American diplomat. Born in Manhattan, Kansas, Stoessel was the son of Katherine
Feb 20th 2017

Walter Alvarez
father), see Alvarez Luis Walter Alvarez. For the physician (his grandfather), see Walter C. Alvarez. Walter Alvarez (born October 3, 1940) is a professor in the Earth
Mar 18th 2017

Walter VI, Count of Brienne
Walter-VIWalter VI of Brienne (c. 1304 – 19 September 1356) was Count of Brienne, Conversano, and Lecce, and titular Duke of Athens. Walter was the son of Walter
Apr 27th 2017

Walter E. Fauntroy
Walter Edward Fauntroy (born February 6, 1933) is the former pastor of the Church">New Bethel Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., and a civil rights activist.
Apr 15th 2017

Walter Mosley
For the Brooklyn politician, see Walter T. Mosley. For the US Navy officer, see Walter Harold Mosley. Walter Ellis Mosley (born January 12, 1952) is an
Mar 14th 2017

Walter Payton College Prep
Walter-Payton-College-Preparatory-High-SchoolWalter Payton-College-PrepPayton College Preparatory High School (commonly known as Payton-College-PrepPayton College Prep, W.P.C.P, or simply Payton) is public 4-year selective enrollment
Apr 19th 2017

Walter M601
The-Walter-M601The Walter M601 is a turboprop aircraft engine produced by Walter Aircraft Engines of the Czech Republic. The company's first turboprop, the M601 is used
Nov 21st 2016

Walter Kaiser, Jr.
Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. (born April 11, 1933) is an American evangelical Old Testament scholar, writer, public speaker, and educator. Kaiser is the Colman
Apr 24th 2017

Walter Reed
This article is about the U.S. army surgeon. For other uses, see Walter Reed (disambiguation). Major Walter Reed, M.D., U.S. Army, (September 13, 1851 –
Mar 4th 2017

Walter Cronkite
Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr. (November 4, 1916 – July 17, 2009) was an American broadcast journalist, best known as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for
Apr 22nd 2017

Walter Woon
Woon, Walter C.M. (1988), Company Law, Singapore: Longman Singapore Publishers, ISBN 978-9971-89-959-2 . Later editions: Woon, Walter C.M. (1997)
Apr 25th 2017

Walter J. Kohler Jr.
Kohler-Jr">Walter Jodok Kohler Jr. (April 4, 1904 – March 21, 1976) was a member of the Kohler family of Wisconsin and was the 33rd Governor of Wisconsin, serving
Apr 10th 2017

Walter Bodmer
Bodmer-FRS">Sir Walter Fred Bodmer FRS (born 10 January 1936 in Frankfurt am Main, GermanyGermany) is a German-born British human geneticist. Bodmer was educated at Manchester
Apr 15th 2017

J. Walter Thompson
For the businessman, see James Walter Thompson. The company has been pioneering brands since 1864, and is known for its longstanding relationships with
Apr 14th 2017

Walter Ormeño de Cañete
Club Deportivo Walter Ormeno (sometimes referred as Walter Ormeno de Canete) is a PeruvianPeruvian football club, playing in the city of Canete, Lima, Peru.
Dec 1st 2015

Walter Long
South Wraxall and Draycot, Wiltshire, friend of Sir Walter Raleigh Walter Long (c. 1594–1637), his son, English knight of Wiltshire Sir Walter Long, 1st
Sep 28th 2012

Walter Matthau
Walter Matthau (/ˈmaθaʊ/; October 1, 1920 – July 1, 2000) was an American actor and comedian, best known for his role as Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple
Apr 15th 2017

Walter Curle
Curll For Sir Walter Curll, 1st Baronet, see Curll baronets. Walter Curle (or Curll; 1575 – 1647) was an English bishop, a close supporter of William Laud. Born
Jun 3rd 2016

Walter baronets
The Walter Baronetcy, of Saresden in the County of Oxford, was a title in the Baronetage of England. It was created on 16 August 1641 for William Walter
May 28th 2016

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