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nee Weber (1762–1842), German, wife of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Cacilia Weber, her mother Aloysia Weber, German singer, her sister Josepha Weber, German
Feb 28th 2017

Weber State University
was founded in 1889 as Weber Stake Academy, later changing names to Weber Academy, Weber Normal College, and Weber College. Weber College became a junior
Apr 28th 2017

Max Weber
theory and social research. Weber is often cited, with Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx, as among the three founders of sociology. Weber was a key proponent of
May 21st 2017

Weber (unit)
the weber /ˈweɪbər/ (symbol: Wb) is the SI unit of magnetic flux. A flux density of one Wb/m2 (one weber per square metre) is one tesla. The weber is named
Apr 1st 2017

Carl Maria von Weber
Maria von Weber). Weber also wrote music journalism and was interested in folksong, and learned lithography to engrave his own works. Weber was born
Apr 7th 2017

David Weber
degree of comfort level with the character. Weber has said he writes primarily in the evenings and at night. Weber says he makes an effort to accept as many
May 8th 2017

Weber carburetor
ended in 1992, although Weber carburetor production was shifted to Madrid, Spain, where it continues today. Edoardo Weber (1889–1945) began his automotive
Jan 18th 2017

Weber County, Utah
home of Weber State University. The county was formed in 1850 and named after the Weber River, which in turn was named for John Henry Weber (1779–1859)
Nov 20th 2016

William Alfred Weber
AspiciliaAspicilia quartzitica W.A.Weber Buellia capitis-regum W.A.Weber Buellia mamillana (Tuck.) W.A.Weber Buellia saurina W.A.Weber = Rhizocarpon saurinum Caloplaca
Apr 28th 2017

Joe Weber (vaudevillian)
Weber Joe Weber (11 August 1867 – 10 May 1942), born Weber Joseph Morris Weber, was a vaudevillian who, along with Lew Fields, formed the comedy team of Weber and
Apr 2nd 2017

Vin Weber
Vincent">John Vincent "Vin" Weber (born July 24, 1952) is a lobbyist and former Republican Congressman from Minnesota. Weber was born in Slayton, Minnesota. He
Dec 19th 2016

Max Carl Wilhelm Weber
Not to be confused with Max Weber. Max Carl Wilhelm Weber van Bosse or Max Wilhelm Carl Weber (5 December 1852, in Bonn – 7 February 1937, in Eerbeek)
Feb 11th 2017

Weber-Stephen Products
stake to BDT Capital Partners in 2010. Weber-Stephen was originally incorporated on May 8, 1893 as Weber Bros. Metal Works. In 1951, the original round
Mar 4th 2017

Weber River
empties into the Great Salt Lake. The Weber River was named for American fur trapper John Henry Weber. The Weber River rises in the northwest of the Uinta
Sep 11th 2016

Ed Weber
Republican. Weber was born in Toledo, Ohio. He attended Denison University, and earned a law degree from Harvard University. Upon graduation, Weber began two
Apr 4th 2017

Sturge–Weber syndrome
Weber Parkes Weber. Sturge The Sturge-Weber-Foundation'sWeber Foundation's (The SWF) international mission is to improve the quality of life and care for people with SturgeWeber syndrome
May 19th 2017

Weber–Fechner law
quantitative fashion. Fechner was a student of Weber and named his first law in honor of his mentor, since it was Weber who had conducted the experiments needed
May 7th 2017

Weber State Wildcats
The-Weber-State-WildcatsThe Weber State Wildcats are the varsity athletic teams representing Weber State University in Ogden, Utah in intercollegiate athletics. The university
Mar 18th 2017

Randy Weber
November 6, 2012, Weber defeated Lampson by a 53% to 45% margin. Based upon Weber's vote total in 2012, Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball named Weber one of their
Apr 18th 2017

Mary Ellen Weber
"Mary Weber" redirects here. For the New Jersey politician, see Mary Virginia Weber. Mary Ellen Weber (born in 1962) is an American executive, scientist
Mar 27th 2017

Weber Shandwick
Weber Shandwick (incorporated as CMGRP) is a public relations firm formed in 2001 by merging the Weber Group (1987), Shandwick International (1974), and
Mar 15th 2017

Wilhelm Weber
Wilhelm-WeberWilhelm-WeberWilhelm Weber may refer to: Wilhelm-Eduard-WeberWilhelm Eduard Weber (1804–1891), German physicist Wilhelm-WeberWilhelm-WeberWilhelm Weber (gymnast) (1880–1963), German Olympic gymnast Willi Weber (Wilhelm
Mar 8th 2013

Robert Weber
WeberWeber Robert Weber may refer to: WeberWeber Robert Weber (astronomer) (1926–2008), U.S. astronomer Robert J. Weber (born 1947), American academic and educator Robert R
Nov 12th 2016

Carl Weber
WeberWeber Carl Weber may refer to: WeberWeber Carl Weber (theatre director) Carl Maria von Weber, German composer Max Carl Wilhelm Weber, German zoologist and biogeographer
Dec 1st 2016

Cäcilia Weber
(1995) Mozart: A Life. Harper Perennial. Wikipedia page on Franz Fridolin Weber (in German) Webseite über Constanze Weber und ihre Familie (in German)
Oct 24th 2016

Weber problem
In geometry, the Weber problem, named after Alfred Weber, is one of the most famous problems in location theory. It requires finding a point in the plane
Aug 14th 2016

Heinrich Friedrich Weber
Not to be confused with Heinrich Martin Weber. Heinrich Friedrich Weber (7 November 1843 – 24 May 1912) was a physicist born in the town of Magdala, near
May 14th 2016

Fred Weber
Weber Fred Weber (born Weber-III">Charles Frederick Weber III) is a former vocalist for the new wave band Devo in its earliest incarnation. Weber was a long-time prominent
Feb 21st 2016

1933), and Weber Carlo Weber (b. 6 April 1934). The architect's office "Auer+Weber" was established in 1980 by Fritz Auer and Weber Carlo Weber, emerged from Behnisch
Jul 10th 2015

Steven Weber
Steven Weber is the name of: Steven Weber (actor) (born 1961), American actor Steven Weber (professor), professor at the University of California, Berkeley
Mar 13th 2013

Weber High School
For the former high school in Chicago, see Weber High School (Chicago). Weber High School /ˈwiːbər/ is a Utah secondary school located in Pleasant View
Mar 7th 2017

Wilhelmina Weber Furlong
Wilhelmina Weber Furlong (1878–1962) was a German American artist and teacher. Among America's earliest avant-garde elite modernist painters, Weber Furlong
Jul 31st 2016

Wilhelm Eduard Weber
of the first electromagnetic telegraph. Weber was born in Wittenberg, where his father, Michael Weber, was professor of theology. Wilhelm was the
May 3rd 2017

William Weber
William Weber may refer to: William Alfred Weber (born 1918), American botanist William Gilmore Weber (born 1963), American guitarist, former member of
Oct 18th 2016

Ben Weber
Ben Weber may refer to: Ben Weber (composer) (1916–1979), American composer Ben Weber (baseball) (born 1969), Major League Baseball right-handed relief
May 28th 2013

Bruce Weber
Bruce Weber may refer to: Bruce Weber (administrator) (1951–2006), Australian sports administrator Bruce Weber (basketball) (born 1956), American basketball
Dec 11th 2012

Ernst Heinrich Weber
Weber Heinrich Weber (24 June 1795 – 26 January 1878) was a German physician who is considered one of the founders of experimental psychology. Weber (1795-1878)
May 15th 2017

Bruce Weber (basketball)
University Kansas State University. Weber was formerly head coach at Illinois-University Southern Illinois University and the University of Illinois. Weber has won conference championships
May 12th 2017

Weber test
collection in the ear canal). The Weber test has had its value as a screening test questioned in the literature. The Weber and the Rinne test (/ˈrɪnə/ RIN-ə)
Dec 10th 2016

Ogden–Weber Applied Technology College
OgdenWeber Applied Technology College (also referred to as Ogden-Weber Tech College or OWATC) is a technical college located in Ogden, Utah, USA. It
Apr 21st 2017

Max Weber (artist)
poor was Weber in these years that he camped out for some weeks in Stieglitz's gallery. Weber was also closely acquainted with Wilhelmina Weber Furlong
May 21st 2017

Weber Park, New Jersey
of Trenton. "Weber Park". Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological SurveyGoogle (January 9, 2015). "Weber Park, New Jersey"
Mar 22nd 2017

Aloysia Weber
Wiesental, Weber Aloysia Weber was one of the four daughters of the musical Weber family. Her three sisters were soprano Josepha Weber (1758–1819), who premiered
Dec 14th 2016

The Weber School
Jewish-Community-High-School">The Felicia Penzell Weber Jewish Community High School, often referred to as The Weber School, is a coeducational and pluralistic Jewish community high
May 15th 2017

Karl Weber
Karl Weber may refer to: Karl Weber (German politician), West Germany's Minister of Justice from April to October 1965 Karl Ivanovich Weber, Russian Empire's
Mar 17th 2013

Martin Weber
For the German ski jumper, see Weber Martin Weber (ski jumper). For the graphic artist, see Martin J. Weber. Weber Martin Weber (9 December 1890 in Frankfurt am Main
Nov 27th 2016

Ricardo Lagos Weber
family name is Lagos and the second or maternal family name is Weber. Ricardo Andres Lagos Weber (born February 21, 1962), son of former Chilean president
Apr 9th 2017

Gottfried Weber
For the German general, see Gottfried Weber (general). Jacob Gottfried Weber (March 1, 1779 – September 21, 1839), was a prominent German writer
Jan 21st 2017

Renê Weber
Weber Rene Carmo Kreuz Weber (born 16 July 1961), is a former BrazilianBrazilian football player in Brazil and manager. Between 2004 and 2005, Weber managed the BrazilianBrazilian
May 5th 2017

South Weber, Utah
South Weber the sixth best suburb in the country in 2009. South Weber is located in northeastern Davis County, bordered to the north by the Weber County
Feb 10th 2017

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