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about websites in general. For the Internet domain .website, see List of Internet top-level domains. Not to be confused with WebCite. A website is a
Apr 29th 2017

Website governance
Website governance is an organization's structure of staff and the technical systems, policies and procedures to maintain and manage a website. Website
Mar 10th 2017

Employment website
An employment website is a website that deals specifically with employment or careers. Many employment websites are designed to allow employers to post
Apr 27th 2017

Personal wedding website
Personal Wedding Websites are websites that engaged couples use to aid in planning and communication for their wedding. The websites are used to communicate
Oct 12th 2016

Website monitoring
Website monitoring is the process of testing and verifying that end-users can interact with a website or web application as expected. Website monitoring
Apr 29th 2017

Vox (website)
(blogging platform). Vox is an American news and opinion website owned by Vox Media. The website was founded in 2014 by Ezra Klein. Vox is noted for its
Apr 22nd 2017

Cashback website
A cashback website is a type of reward website that pays its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase goods and services via its affiliate
Dec 13th 2016

Firefly (website) (1995–1999) was a community website featuring collaborative filtering. The Firefly website was created by Firefly Network, Inc.(originally
Mar 1st 2017

Website monetization
Website monetization is the process of converting existing traffic being sent to a particular website into revenue. The most popular ways of monetizing
Mar 23rd 2017

Mirror website
Mirror websites or mirrors are replica of other websites whose main purpose are reducing network traffic, improved access speed or improved availability
Apr 30th 2017

Corporate website
A corporate website or corporate site is an informational website operated by a business or other private enterprise such as a charity or nonprofit foundation
Jul 16th 2016

Website builder
Website builders are tools that typically allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. They fall into two categories: online proprietary
Mar 17th 2017

Matrimonial website
Matrimonial websites, or marriage websites, are a variation of the standard dating websites. Matrimonial sites are popular in India and among Indians
Mar 30th 2017

Reward website
A reward website is a website that offers rewards for performing tasks, usually related to selected retailers and organisations. These tasks may include
Feb 6th 2017

Website audit
Website audit is a full analysis of all the factors that affect website’s visibility in search engines. This standard method gives a complete insight
Apr 12th 2017

Google Website Optimizer
Google Website Optimizer was a free website optimization tool that helped online marketers and webmasters increase visitor conversion rates and overall
Aug 7th 2016

Travel website
A travel website is a website on the world wide web that is dedicated to travel. The site may be focused on travel reviews, trip fares, or a combination
Apr 26th 2017

Website correlation
Website correlation, or website matching, is a process used to identify websites that are similar or related. Websites are inherently easy to duplicate
Feb 18th 2017

Website defacement
Website defacement is an attack on a website that changes the visual appearance of the site or a webpage. These are typically the work of defacers, who
Mar 18th 2017

The Undefeated (website)
The Undefeated is a sports and pop culture website owned and operated by ESPN. Officially launched May 17, 2016, the site describes itself as “the premier
Mar 3rd 2017

Website spoofing
Website spoofing is the act of creating a website, as a hoax, with the intention of misleading readers that the website has been created by a different
Dec 14th 2016

Comparison shopping website
A comparison shopping website, sometimes called a price comparison website, Price Analysis tool, comparison shopping agent, shopbot or comparison shopping
Apr 22nd 2017

Daisuki (website)
Daisuki is a Japanese website focused on streaming anime content, which was founded in 2013 by Asatsu-DK and six anime studios, Toei Animation, Aniplex
Mar 27th 2017

Q&A website
sites which answer users' questions, see Knowledge market. A-QA Q&A website is a website where the site creators use the images of pop culture icons to answer
Sep 10th 2016

Platform-enabled website
A platform-enabled website is a website in which additional functionality can be seamlessly integrated by means of an external application programming
Jul 27th 2015

List of social networking websites
social networking websites and excludes dating websites (see Comparison of online dating websites). For defunct social networking websites, see List of defunct
Apr 28th 2017

Louder Than War (website)
Louder Than War is a music and culture website focusing on mainly alternative arts news, reviews, and features. The site is an editorially independent
Sep 17th 2016

Lala (website)
people. In 2007, La La media, Inc. introduced Lala 2.0, which moved the website's focus from trading used CDs to uploading MP3s and listening to free,
Mar 27th 2017

Websites blocked in mainland China
As of September 2015, around 3,000 websites were blocked by Chinese authorities (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) under the country's policy of Internet
Apr 20th 2017

Fake news website
fraudulent websites. For satirical websites, see News satire. Fake news websites (also referred to as hoax news websites) are Internet websites that deliberately
Apr 30th 2017

Website tracking
confused with Website visitor tracking. Website tracking refers to the act of archiving existing websites and tracking changes to the website over time.
Apr 27th 2017

List of image-sharing websites
For video hosting websites, see List of video hosting services. This is a non-exhaustive list of major image-sharing websites. These also include sites
Mar 3rd 2017

Scoop (website)
Media Cartel. The website publishes a large number of submitted news and press releases due to their permissive policy. Their website states: "If it's
Mar 14th 2017

Rare (website)
Rare is an American website for news, original content and opinion, based in Washington, D.C.. Rare was launched as a startup in 2013 by a team of journalists
Apr 10th 2017

Utopia (website)
For other uses of Utopia, see Utopia (disambiguation) Utopia is a website with daily updating of information about LGBT culture in the countries of the
Sep 8th 2016

List of most popular websites
This is a list of the most popular websites worldwide according to the top 100 lists published by Alexa Internet, as of April 3, 2017,[update] and SimilarWeb
Apr 27th 2017

Expedia (website)
is about the travel website. For the company, see Expedia, Inc. is a travel website owned by Expedia Inc. The website can be used to book
Apr 19th 2017

Spinner (website)
Spinner was a music and entertainment website, founded as an Internet radio website during the late 1990s. AOL-Music">An AOL Music property, it was acquired by AOL
Nov 14th 2016

LinkUp (website)
is a job search engine that aggregates its job listings from employer websites, typically an employer's applicant tracking system. The objective of acquiring
Jul 1st 2016

Moola (website)
Moola is a Canadian-based online gaming website open to United States and Canadian residents. It is now offline. Players receive free credits to wage
Apr 23rd 2016

Doctor Who tie-in websites
several tie-in websites produced by the BBC website team that viewers can access on the Internet. Whilst none of the material in the websites is necessary
Apr 6th 2017

List of employment websites
This is a list of notable employment websites. An employment website is a web site dealing specifically with employment or careers. .jobs, a sponsored
Apr 25th 2017

Vitals (website)
grown to be the 13th largest health website according to comScore, and peaked as the 362nd most visited website in the United States. In addition to
Mar 1st 2017

Natalie (website)
is a Japanese entertainment news website, that debuted on February 1, 2007. It is operated by Natasha, Inc. The website is named after the song of the same
Jan 4th 2017

School website
A school website is any website built, designed, and maintained by or for a school. Many school websites share certain characteristics, and some educators
Feb 18th 2016

The Numbers (website)
The-NumbersThe Numbers is a website that tracks box office revenue and movie sales projection in a systematic, algorithmic way. The site was launched in 1997 by
Jan 29th 2017

Website leasing
Website leasing is an agreement between the user (lessee) and the owner (lessor) whereby the privilege of using a website is offered in exchange for regular
Jan 3rd 2017

List of types of websites
The following is a list of types of websites Blogging E-commerce Email Encyclopedia File hosting service Image sharing Microblogging News Online
Feb 6th 2017

Website Management Outsourcing
WebsiteMan (WMO) is the contracting of the management of a website and entire online environment to a third-party service provider. A variant of Business
Feb 2nd 2017

Streetlife (website)
Streetlife was a British social networking website that links users together based on the neighbourhood where they live. Streetlife was developed by
Apr 24th 2017

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