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West Jordan, Utah
West Jordan is a city in Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. West Jordan is a rapidly growing suburb of Salt Lake City and has a mixed economy. According
May 2nd 2017

Jordanian annexation of the West Bank
JordanianJordanian annexation of the West Bank refers to the occupation and consequent annexation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) by Jordan (formerly
May 15th 2017

West Jordan City Center (UTA station)
West Jordan City Center is a light rail station in the West Jordan, Utah, in the United States, served by the Red Line of the Utah Transit Authority's
May 3rd 2016

Palestine and the Dead Sea to the west; and the Red Sea in its extreme south-west. Jordan is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe
May 25th 2017

Jordan River
The Jordan River (also River Jordan; Hebrew: נְהַר הַיַּרְדֵּן‎ Nahar ha-Yarden; Arabic: نَهْر الْأُرْدُنّ‎‎ Nahr al-Urdun, Ancient Greek: Ιορδάνης, Iordanes)
May 18th 2017

List of mayors of West Jordan, Utah
West Jordan, Utah was incorporated January 10, 1941 as a fourth-class city, instituting the town's Board of Trustees. The following is a list of Presidents
Mar 22nd 2017

History of Jordan
History of Jordan refers to the history of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the background period of the Emirate of Transjordan under British protectorate
May 22nd 2017

Jordan River (Utah)
six largest cities border the river: Salt Lake City, West Valley City, West Jordan and Sandy. More than a million people live in the Jordan Subbasin, which
May 21st 2017

Air Jordan
Air Jordan is a subsidiary of Nike, Inc. It is a brand of basketball footwear and athletic clothing produced by Jumpman and endorsed and created for Chicago
May 22nd 2017

Israel–Jordan peace treaty
Israel The IsraelJordan peace treaty or in full "Treaty of Peace Between the State of Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" (Hebrew: הסכם השלום בין ישראל
Apr 12th 2017

Israel–Jordan relations
IsraelJordan relations refers to the diplomatic, economic and cultural relations between Israel and Jordan. The two countries have had official diplomatic
May 20th 2017

West Bank
The West Bank (Arabic: الضفة الغربية‎‎ aḍ-Ḍiffah l-Ġarbiyyah; Hebrew: הגדה המערבית‎‎, HaGadah HaMa'aravit) is a landlocked territory near the Mediterranean
May 19th 2017

Jordanian disengagement from the West Bank
JordanianJordanian disengagement from the West Bank (in Arabic: قرار فك الارتباط), in which Jordan surrendered the claim to sovereignty over the West Bank, took
Apr 7th 2017

South Jordan, Utah
Beckstead, a blacksmith from Ontario, Canada, moved his family to the West Jordan area in 1849, and became the first of his trade in the south Salt Lake
May 12th 2017

Jordan Valley (Middle East)
The Jordan Valley (Hebrew: עֵמֶק הַיַרְדֵּן‎, Emek HaYarden; Arabic: الغور‎‎, Al-Ghor or Al-Ghawr) forms part of the larger Jordan Rift Valley. Unlike
May 25th 2017

Michael Jordan
Times. Retrieved-February-9Retrieved February 9, 2017. Walsh, Edward. "On the City's West Side, Jordan's Legacy Is Hope", The Washington Post, January 14, 1998. Retrieved
May 24th 2017

Demographics of Jordan
This article is about the demographic features of the population of Jordan, including population density, ethnicity, education level, health of the populace
May 25th 2017

Geography of Jordan
Jordan is situated geographically in Southwest Asia, south of Syria, west of Iraq, northwest of Saudi Arabia and east of Israel and the West Bank; politically
May 13th 2017

Jordan, Minneapolis
Jordan is a neighborhood in the Near North community in Minneapolis. Its boundaries are Lowry Avenue North to the north, Emerson Avenue North to the east
Oct 9th 2016

Hussein of Jordan
Hussein bin Talal (Arabic: حسين بن طلال‎‎, Ḥusayn bin Ṭalāl; 14 November 1935 – 7 February 1999) was King of Jordan from the abdication of his father,
May 25th 2017

Jordan Creek Town Center
Jordan Creek Town Center is a super-regional shopping mall and lifestyle center in the city of West Des Moines, Iowa. It is the largest shopping complex
Apr 3rd 2017

Parliament of Jordan
The Parliament of Jordan (Arabic: مجلس الأمة‎‎ Majlis Al-Umma) is the bicameral Jordanian national assembly. Established by the 1952 Constitution, the
Mar 20th 2017

Foreign relations of Jordan
The foreign relations of Jordan have consistently followed a pro-Western foreign policy and traditionally Jordan has had close relations with the United
Jan 2nd 2017

Energy in Jordan
age. The most important and investigated deposits are located in west-central Jordan, where they occur at the surface and close to developed infrastructure
Mar 21st 2017

Christianity in Jordan
Jordan contains some of the oldest Christian communities in the world, Christians have resided in Jordan after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, early in
May 23rd 2017

Politics of Jordan
The politics of Jordan takes place in a framework of a parliamentary monarchy, whereby the Prime Minister of Jordan is head of government, and of a multi-party
May 25th 2017

Health in Jordan
Jordan has an advanced health care system, although services remain highly concentrated in Amman. Government figures have put total health spending in
May 18th 2017

Jordan–United States relations
JordanUnited States relations covers the bilateral relations between Jordan and the United States. Jordan has been a very close Major non-NATO ally in
Apr 6th 2017

Palestinians in Jordan
PalestiniansPalestinians in Jordan refers to people with Palestinian citizenship of Palestinian refugee status living in Jordan or sometimes all those of full or partial
May 19th 2017

Bill Jordan, Baron Jordan
William Brian Jordan, Baron Jordan, CBE (FRSA) (born 28 January 1936), known as Bill Jordan, is a British economist and Labour politician. The son of Walter
Jan 2nd 2017

Jordanian Armed Forces
The Jordanian Armed Forces (القوات المسلحة الأردنية), also referred to as the Arab Army (الجيش العربي), are the military forces of the Hashemite Kingdom
Apr 26th 2017

Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown may refer to: Jordan Brown (baseball) (born 1983), minor league baseball player Jordan Brown (politician), Canadian politician Jordan Brown
Sep 6th 2016

Leonard B. Jordan
Leonard Beck "Len" Jordan (May 15, 1899 – June 30, 1983) was the 23rd Governor of Idaho and a United States Senator for over ten years. Born in Mount
Mar 29th 2017

Jordan national basketball team
The-Jordan The Jordan national basketball team is the official basketball team of Jordan in international competitions and it is one of the top teams in Asia. The
May 25th 2017

Outline of Jordan
The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to Jordan: Jordan – country located in Southwest Asia, bordering Syria to the north
May 8th 2017

Rugby in Jordan
Rugby union is a minor, but developing sport in Jordan. Jordanian rugby is administered by the Jordan Rugby Union, which has been recognized by the Jordan
Feb 1st 2017

Majid Jordan
Majid Jordan is a Canadian R&B duo, composed of Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman. They are signed to OVO Sound, the record label co-founded by rapper
May 2nd 2017

South Jordan (UTA station)
Community College's Larry H. Miller Campus - South Jordan - West Jordan, including West Jordan City Center Station [via Redwood Road]) UTA Route F514 - 300
Jul 10th 2016

Jordan–Hare Stadium
JordanHare Stadium (i/ˈdʒɜːrdən/ JUR-dən) is the playing venue for Auburn-University'sAuburn University's football team located on campus in Auburn, Alabama. The stadium
May 15th 2017

West Jordan High School
West Jordan High School is a public high school founded in 1981. Located southwest of Salt Lake City in West Jordan, Utah, United States, it enrolls just
Jan 18th 2017

Economy of Jordan
Jordan's-GDPJordan's GDP per capita rose by 351% in the 1970s, declined 30% in the 1980s, and rose 36% in the 1990s. Jordan is classified as an emerging market. After
Apr 11th 2017

Agriculture in Jordan
contributed to this downward trend. With the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Jordan lost prime farmland that Jordan had been occupying since 1949. Starting
Mar 19th 2017

Marcus Jordan
Marcus James Jordan (born December 24, 1990) is an American former college basketball player who played for the UCF Knights men's basketball team of Conference
May 2nd 2017

Jordan Valley
the Jordan-ValleyUnited States Jordan Valley (UTA station), a light rail station in Jordan West Jordan, Utah, in the United States. Salt Lake Valley, which surrounds the Jordan
May 8th 2017

Jordan Valley (UTA station)
Jordan Valley is a light rail station in West Jordan, Utah, served by the Red Line of the Utah Transit Authority's (UTA) TRAX light rail system. The Red
Apr 26th 2017

History of the Jews in Jordan
The history of the Jews in Jordan can be traced back to Biblical times when much of the land that is now Jordan was part of the Land of Israel. Main
Apr 3rd 2017

Egypt–Jordan relations
EgyptJordan relations refers to the bilateral relations between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt. Since independence, the
Oct 9th 2016

Vi Jordan
Violet">Ellen Violet "Vi" Jordan OAM, nee Perrett (29 June 1913 – 7 May 1982) was an Australian politician. She was the second woman elected to the Queensland
Dec 19th 2016

Jordan Jones
For the association football (soccer) player of the 2010s, see Jordan Jones (footballer, born 1994). Jordan Jones (born 29 June 1990) is an Australian
May 6th 2017

Jordanian dinar
Jordanian">The Jordanian dinar (Arabic: دينار‎‎; code: JOD; unofficially abbreviated as JD) is the currency of Jordan. It is also widely used alongside the Israeli
Apr 26th 2017

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