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literature Western music (North America), a type of American folk music Western world, e.g. as in "Western society", "Western attitudes", etc. Western, Nebraska
Apr 13th 2017

Western (genre)
"WesternsWesterns" redirects here. For other uses, see Western (disambiguation). The Western is a genre of various arts which tell stories set primarily in
Apr 21st 2017

Spaghetti Western
Western Spaghetti Western, also known as Western Italian Western or Western Macaroni Western (primarily in Japan), is a broad subgenre of Western films that emerged in the mid-1960s
Mar 12th 2017

Western world
Western-HemisphereWestern Hemisphere. Not to be confused with Western bloc. See also: Western culture and Westernization The Western
Apr 24th 2017

Western Europe
confused with Western world or Western European Union. Play media Western Europe, or Europe West Europe, is the region comprising the western part of Europe
Apr 23rd 2017

Best Western
Best Western International, Inc., operator of the Best Western Hotels & Resorts brand, operates about 4,100 hotels and motels. The chain, with its corporate
Mar 6th 2017

Western Christianity
Christian" redirects here. For the music genre, see Latin Christian music. Western Christianity consists of the Latin Church of the Catholic Church, and a
Apr 18th 2017

Western culture
name, see Western-CultureWestern Culture (album). See also: Western world and Culture of Europe Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization
Apr 26th 2017

Western Mail (Western Australia)
The-Western-MailThe Western Mail, or Western Mail, was the name of two weekly newspapers published in Perth, Western Australia. The first Western Mail was published
Feb 3rd 2017

Western Australia
Australia Western Australia (abbreviated as WA) is a state occupying the entire western third of Australia. It is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west
Apr 17th 2017

Western esotericism
uses, see Arcane (disambiguation) and Esoteric (disambiguation). Western esotericism (also called esotericism and esoterism) is a scholarly term
Apr 26th 2017

Western Ghats
Western Ghats (also known as Sahyadri meaning The Benevolent Mountains) is a mountain range that runs parallel to the western coast of the Indian peninsula
Apr 27th 2017

Western Union
For other uses, see Western Union (disambiguation). The Western Union Company is an American financial services and communications company. Its North
Apr 27th 2017

Space Western
Frontier Foundation. Space Western is a subgenre of science fiction which uses the themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories.
Apr 27th 2017

Western Sahara
claims sovereignty over Western-SaharaWestern Sahara, see Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. Coordinates: 25°N 13°W / 25°N 13°W / 25; -13 Western-SaharaWestern Sahara (i/ˌwɛs.tərn
Apr 27th 2017

Revisionist Western
"Anti-Western" redirects here. For the political terminology, see Anti-Western sentiment. The Revisionist Western, Modern Western or Anti-Western traces
Apr 15th 2017

Western Hemisphere
See also: Americas The Western Hemisphere is a geographical term for the half of the earth that lies west of the Prime meridian (which crosses Greenwich
Mar 4th 2017

Western fiction
For other uses, see Western literature. Western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West frontier and typically set from the
May 17th 2016

Western Airlines
2007, see Western (airline). For the Bahamas-based airline, see Western Air. Western Airlines (IATA: WAICAO: WAL, Call sign: Western) was a large
Apr 12th 2017

Western Canada
Canada. For the school in Calgary, see Western Canada High School. Western Canada, also referred to as the Western provinces and more commonly known as
Apr 12th 2017

University of Western Ontario
see Western-UniversityWestern University. Coordinates: 43°00′29.84″N 81°16′18.82″W / 43.0082889°N 81.2718944°W / 43.0082889; -81.2718944 The University of Western Ontario
Apr 23rd 2017

Western Roman Empire
"Western Empire" redirects here. For the Frankish State, see Carolingian Empire. In historiography, the Western Roman Empire consists of the western provinces
Apr 10th 2017

Western comics
Western comics is a comics genre usually depicting the American Old West frontier (usually anywhere west of the Mississippi River) and typically set during
Nov 27th 2016

Western swing
Swing. WesternWestern swing music is a subgenre of American country music that originated in the late 1920s in the West and South among the region's WesternWestern string
Apr 6th 2017

Western Conference (NBA)
The Western Conference of the National Basketball Association is made up of 15 teams, and organized into three divisions of five teams each. Since 2006
Apr 24th 2017

Governor of Western Australia
The Governor of AustraliaAustralia Western Australia is the representative in AustraliaAustralia Western Australia of the Queen of Australia, Elizabeth II. As with the other governors of the
Apr 20th 2017

Case Western Reserve University
Case-Western-Reserve-UniversityCase-Western-ReserveCase-WesternCase Western Reserve University (also known as Case-Western-ReserveCase-WesternCase Western Reserve, Case-WesternCase Western, Case, and CWRU) is a private doctorate-granting university in Cleveland
Apr 16th 2017

Western Railway zone
The-Western-RailwayThe Western Railway is one of the 17 zones of Indian-RailwaysIndian Railways, and is among the busiest railway networks in India. The major railway routes of Indian
Mar 2nd 2017

Norfolk and Western Railway
railroad. For the indie folk rock band, see Norfolk & Western (band). The Norfolk and Western Railway (reporting mark NW), was a US class I railroad
Apr 25th 2017

Western blot
The western blot (sometimes called the protein immunoblot) is a widely used analytical technique used in molecular biology, immunogenetics and other molecular
Apr 22nd 2017

Western philosophy
Western philosophy is the philosophical thought and work of the Western world. Historically, the term refers to the philosophical thinking of Western
Apr 4th 2017

Western Electric
Western Electric Company (WE, WECo) was an American electrical engineering and manufacturing company that served as the primary supplier to T AT&T from
Mar 30th 2017

Western Open
For the former LPGA major, see Women's Western Open. Cog Hill G&CC Cog Hill G&CC The Western Open was a professional golf tournament
Mar 24th 2017

Western Satraps
The Western Satraps, Western Kshatrapas, or Kshaharatas (35–405) were Indo-Scythian (Saka) rulers of the western and central part of India (Saurashtra
Apr 3rd 2017

Western Illinois Leathernecks
Illinois-Leathernecks">The Western Illinois Leathernecks are the teams and athletes that represent Illinois-University">Western Illinois University, located in Macomb, Illinois, in NCAA Division
Apr 24th 2017

Western United States
see The American West. "Western territories" redirects here. For the part of Poland, see Recovered Territories. For the western territories of other countries
Apr 19th 2017

Premier of Western Australia
The Premier of Western Australia is the head of the executive branch of government in the Australian state of Western Australia. The Premier has similar
Apr 25th 2017

Western Rite Orthodoxy
Orthodoxy">Western Rite Orthodoxy or Orthodoxy">Western Orthodoxy or Orthodox-Western-RiteOrthodox Western Rite are terms used to describe congregations that are within Churches of Orthodox tradition
Apr 25th 2017

Western Cape
West-CapeWest Cape. Western-Cape">The Western Cape (Afrikaans: Wes-Kaap, Xhosa: Ntshona Koloni) is a province of South Africa, situated in the south-western part of the country
Apr 27th 2017

Western Qin
The Western Qin (Chinese: 西秦; pinyin: Xīqin; 385-400, 409-431) was a state of Xianbei ethnicity during the era of Sixteen Kingdoms in China. Note that
Dec 10th 2016

Chicago Great Western Railway
Chicago-Great-Western-Railway">The Chicago Great Western Railway (reporting mark CGW) was a Class I railroad that linked Chicago, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Kansas City. It was founded
Dec 26th 2016

Western Soccer Alliance
Western Soccer Alliance was a professional soccer league featuring teams from the West Coast of the United States and Western Canada. The league began
Jun 24th 2016

Western Michigan University
"Western State Normal School" redirects here. For the institution in Maine formerly known as "Western State Normal School", see University of Maine at
Apr 18th 2017

Western Punjabi
confused with Laṇḍā. This article is about the language cluster of western Punjab. "Western Punjabi" could also refer to the standard Pakistani form of the
Apr 15th 2017

Western Marxism
Western-MarxismWestern Marxism is a body of various Marxist theoreticians based in Western and Central Europe, in contrast with philosophy in the Soviet Union. Gyorgy
Jan 30th 2017

Mid West (Western Australia)
one of the nine regions of Western Australia. It is a sparsely populated region extending from the west coast of Western Australia, about 200 kilometres
Feb 24th 2017

Sukiyaki Western Django
Sukiyaki Western Django (スキヤキ・ウエスタン ジャンゴ, Sukiyaki Uesutan Jango?) is a 2007 English language Japanese Western film directed by Takashi Miike. The title
Feb 25th 2017

University of Montana Western
The University of Montana-WesternMontana Western is a public university located in Dillon, Montana, United States. It is affiliated with The University of Montana and
Feb 11th 2017

Western religions
For the 2015 film, see Western-ReligionWestern Religion (film). Western religions refer to religions that originated within Western culture, and are thus historically
Apr 3rd 2017

Lists of Western films
This is a list of notable Western films and TV series, ordered by year and decade of release. For a long-running TV series, the year is its first in production
Jun 2nd 2016

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