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Whitlock may refer to: Whitlock (manufacturing), former London-based carriage and automobile manufacturer F. Whitlock & Sons Ltd, pickle and sauce manufacturers
Nov 24th 2015

Billy Whitlock
For other people named WhitlockWhitlock William Whitlock, see WhitlockWhitlock William Whitlock (disambiguation). William M. "Billy" Whitlock (1813–1878) was an American blackface
Feb 24th 2016

Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Whitlock-Jr">Isiah Whitlock Jr. (born September 13, 1954) is an American actor. Whitlock was born in South Bend, Indiana. He attended college at Southwest Minnesota
Jan 29th 2017

Lloyd Whitlock
Lloyd Whitlock (January 2, 1891 – January 8, 1966) was an American actor. He appeared in 199 films between 1916 and 1949. The Boomerang (1919) Scratch
May 11th 2017

Albert Whitlock
Albert J. Whitlock (September 15, 1915 – October 26, 1999) was a British-born motion picture matte artist best known for his work with Disney and Universal
Mar 16th 2017

Jason Whitlock
Jason Lee Whitlock A.K.A Snacks (born April 27, 1967) is a sports journalist. He co-hosts the daily sports TV show Speak For Yourself alongside Colin Cowherd
May 22nd 2017

William Whitlock
William Whitlock may refer to: William Whitlock (politician) (1918–2001), British Labour Party MP for Nottingham North Billy Whitlock (1813–1878), American
Nov 1st 2015

Elizabeth Whitlock
Elizabeth Whitlock (2 April 1761, Warrington, Lancashire – 27 February 1836, Addlestone) was an English actress, a member of the Kemble family of actors
Mar 24th 2017

Whitlock Avenue (IRT Pelham Line)
Whitlock-AvenueWhitlock Avenue is a local station on the IRT Pelham Line of the New York City Subway. It is served by the 6 train at all times and is located at Whitlock
Mar 3rd 2017

Craig Whitlock
Craig Michael Whitlock (born 1968) is a journalist working for The Washington Post where he is responsible for covering the Pentagon and national security
May 7th 2017

Bobby Whitlock
Robert Stanley "Bobby" Whitlock (born March 18, 1948 in Memphis, Tennessee) is an American singer, songwriter and musician. He is best known for being
Apr 4th 2017

David W. Whitlock
Dr. David Wesley Whitlock is the 15th president of Oklahoma Baptist University. He began NGOs term on November 1, 2008. A longtime college administrator
Sep 3rd 2016

Whitlock Valley
The-Whitlock-ValleyThe Whitlock Valley is a small valley in southeast Arizona, USA, lying between three mountain ranges. The valley lies on the south perimeter region of
May 22nd 2017

Max Whitlock
Max Antony Whitlock MBE (born 13 January 1993) is a British artistic gymnast. He is a five-time Olympic medalist (all around, team, floor exercise and
Jan 25th 2017

Harvey G. Whitlock
Harvey Gilman Whitlock (1809–1874) was an early member of the Latter Day Saint movement and one of the witnesses to the Book of Commandments. He was among
Dec 13th 2016

Brand Whitlock
Brand Whitlock (March 4, 1869 – May 24, 1934) was an American journalist, attorney, politician, Georgist, four-time mayor of Toledo, Ohio elected on the
May 16th 2017

Simon Whitlock
Simon Whitlock (born 3 March 1969) is an Australian professional darts player who plays in Professional Darts Corporation tournaments, having also played
May 13th 2017

Tom Whitlock
Thomas Ross "Tom" Whitlock (born 1954) is an American songwriter and musician, best known for his Academy Award-and Golden Globe-winning song "Take My
Jan 12th 2017

Whitlock Nicoll
Whitlock Nicoll or Nicholl (1786–1838) was an English physician. Known in his lifetime as a medical and theological writer, he was also responsible in
Oct 3rd 2016

Nikita Whitlock
Nikita Nehemiah Whitlock (born May 16, 1991) is an American football fullback who is currently a free agent. He was signed by the Cincinnati Bengals as
May 16th 2017

Emily Whitlock
Emily Whitlock, (born 15 February 1994 in Macclesfield, England) is a professional squash player who represents England. She reached a career-high world
Jan 10th 2017

Ed Whitlock
Ed Whitlock (March 6, 1931 – March 13, 2017) was an English-born Canadian long-distance runner, and the first person over 70 years old to run a marathon
May 4th 2017

Harold Whitlock
Hector-Harold-WhitlockHector Harold Whitlock (16 December 1903 – 27 December 1985) was an English athlete who competed mainly in the 50 kilometre walk. He attended Hendon School
Feb 24th 2017

Whitlock (surname)
Whitlock may refer to: Albert Whitlock (1915–1999), English motion picture matte artist Anna Whitlock (1852–1930), Swedish feminist Billy Whitlock (1813–1878)
Mar 13th 2017

Joy Whitlock
Joy Whitlock (born August 13, 1980) is a Christian musician and songwriter who has recently appeared in the Contemporary Christian market. Her songs primarily
Mar 29th 2016

Anna Whitlock
Suffrage. Anna Whitlock was the daughter of the merchant Gustaf Whitlock and Sophie Forsgren, and the sister of the feminist Ellen Whitlock. When her father
Jul 19th 2016

Arkee Whitlock
Arkee Whitlock (born May 10, 1984 in Rock Hill, South Carolina) is a professional American and Canadian football running back who is currently a free agent
Apr 15th 2017

Whitlock Cordage
Whitlock Cordage is a former industrial complex that has been renovated for residential and commercial use located along the banks of the since-filled
Feb 23rd 2017

Whitlock, Tennessee
Whitlock is an unincorporated community in Henry County, Tennessee, United-StatesUnited States. "Whitlock, Tennessee". Geographic Names Information System. United
Mar 21st 2017

Lee Whitlock
Lee Whitlock (born 17 April 1968) is a British television and film actor. At age 12 he gave his debut in the British television series The Gentle Touch
Oct 3rd 2016

Percy Whitlock
Whitlock Percy William Whitlock (1 June 1903 – 1 May 1946) was an English organist and post-romantic composer. Whitlock was born in Chatham, Kent. A student of
Mar 27th 2017

Bay Terrace (Staten Island Railway station)
Staten Island, New York. The station opened in the early 1900s, as Whitlock. On December 18, 1912, a public hearing was held by the Public Service
Mar 23rd 2017

Bobby Whitlock (album)
Bobby Whitlock is the debut solo album by American songwriter and rock musician Bobby Whitlock, released in early 1972. The album features all of the former
Jan 23rd 2017

Whitlock (manufacturing)
The Whitlock company, based in London, England, started as a carriage builder in 1778, moved into the car industry in 1903 and finally closed in 1991.
Mar 8th 2017

Janine Whitlock
Janine Whitlock (born 11 August 1973) is an English pole vaulter. Her personal best is 4.47 metres, achieved in July 2005 at the Crystal Palace National
Apr 1st 2017

Dave Whitlock
Dave Whitlock (born July 2, 1966 in Wyoming, Ontario, Canada) is a former Canadian race car driver in the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. He drove and owned
Nov 6th 2016

Whitlocks End railway station
Whitlocks End railway station is a railway station on the North Warwickshire Line located next the hamlet of Whitlock's End in the West Midlands of England
Feb 5th 2017

Bob Whitlock
Robert Angus Whitlock (born July 16, 1949) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played 244 games in the World Hockey Association and one game
Mar 21st 2016

Jeremy Whitlock
Jeremy J. Whitlock (born September 15, 1965) is a reactor physicist at Chalk River Laboratories of the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (*AECL). He has
May 8th 2017

Mark Whitlock
Whitlock Mark Whitlock (born 14 March 1961) is an English retired footballer. Primarily a centre back, Whitlock played initially for Hampshire-based club Southampton
Apr 23rd 2017

James E. Whitlock
James E. Whitlock (known as Jimmie Whitlock; born 1934), is a former Democratic member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from Lebanon, the seat
Feb 6th 2017

Richard Whitlock
Richard Whitlock, M.D., Ph.D., FRCSC is a Canadian cardiovascular surgeon and an Associate Professor of Surgery at McMaster University Medical School.
Jul 11th 2016

William Whitlock (politician)
Whitlock (Southampton, 20 June 1918 – 2 November 2001, Leicester), sometimes known as Bill Whitlock, was a British Labour Party politician. Whitlock was
Apr 7th 2017

Whitlock Island
Whitlock Island Whitlock Island is an island near Jurien Bay in Western Australia. The island has an area of 5.24 hectares (13 acres), is located
Dec 14th 2015

Phil Whitlock
WhitlockWhitlockWhitlock Phil Whitlock may refer to: WhitlockWhitlockWhitlock Phil Whitlock (footballer) WhitlockWhitlockWhitlock Phil Whitlock (squash player) Whitlock (surname)
Dec 20th 2015

Whitlock Avenue Historic District
Historic-District">The Whitlock Avenue Historic District in Marietta, Georgia is a 82-acre (33 ha) historic district that was listed on the National Register of Historic
Aug 6th 2016

Speak for Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock
Speak for Yourself with Cowherd & Whitlock is an American sports talk show starring Colin Cowherd and Jason Whitlock. The series premiered on June 13,
Sep 11th 2016

John Codner
John Codner (born John Whitlock Orby Squires Codner, Beaconsfield June 1913 - August 2008) was a British painter and wartime camouflage officer. He exhibited
Apr 28th 2017

Phil Whitlock (footballer)
Phil Whitlock (1 May 1930December 2009) was a Welsh footballer, who played as a wing half in the Football League for Chester. Brown, Neil (2 September
Mar 2nd 2017

Phil Whitlock (squash player)
Philip-WhitlockPhilip Whitlock is a former English professional squash player. Phil was born on 28 February 1962 in Belfast and represented Devon at county level. He
Dec 10th 2015

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