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USS William D. Porter (DD-579)
William-D">USS William D. Porter (DD-579), a Fletcher-class destroyer, was a ship of the United States Navy named for William-D">Commodore William D. Porter (1808–1864). William
Mar 26th 2017

William D. Johnson
William D. Johnson may refer to: William D. Johnson (CEO) (born 1954), American-ChairmanAmerican Chairman and CEO of Progress Energy William D. Johnson (journalist), American
Mar 23rd 2014

William D. Leahy
Leahy William Leahy arlingtoncemetery.net: Biography of William D. Leahy-AnnotatedLeahy Annotated bibliography for William D. Leahy from the Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear
Apr 13th 2017

William Lancaster (Queen's)
named William Lancaster, see William Lancaster (disambiguation). William Lancaster D.D. (1650–1717) was an English churchman and academic, Provost of
Oct 20th 2016

William d'Aubigny (rebel)
William d'Aubigny or D'Aubeney or d'Albini, Lord of Belvoir (died 1 May 1236) was a prominent member of the baronial rebellions against King John of England
May 13th 2017

William D. Quarles Jr.
Summary Trials (1991).[citation needed] District Judge William D. Quarles Jr. Biography William D. Quarles Jr. at the Biographical Directory of Federal
Mar 25th 2017

William D. Washburn
States Congress. "William D. Washburn (id: W000175)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressMedia related to William D. Washburn at Wikimedia
Apr 7th 2017

William Bright (historian)
William Bright, D.D. (1824 – 1901) was an English Church historian and Anglican priest. He was born at Doncaster on 14 December 1824. He was the only
Jun 27th 2016

William D. Middleton
William D. Middleton (March 25, 1928 – July 10, 2011) was an American reporter, writer and photographer. The majority of his work was on the subject of
Nov 14th 2016

William D. Weidlein
December 26, 1983 then was buried in the Leavenworth National Cemetery. William D. Weidlein at ancestry.com Fort Hays State University coaching records
May 9th 2017

William D. Byron
htm United States Congress. "William D. Byron (id: B001206)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressWilliam D. Byron at Find a Grave
May 19th 2017

William d'Aubigny
William d'Aubigny may refer to: William d'Aubigny (died 1139), Pincerna Regis (Chief Butler of England) William d'Aubigny (Brito) (died c. 1148), itinerant
Mar 26th 2016

W. D. Caröe
William-Douglas-CaroeWilliam Douglas Caroe (1857–1938) was a British architect, particularly of churches. W. D. Caroe was born in 1857 near Liverpool in Holmsdale, Blundellsands
May 2nd 2017

William D'Amico
William John D'Amico (October 3, 1910 – October 30, 1984) was an American bobsledder who competed in the late 1940s and early 1950s. He won a gold medal
Dec 17th 2016

William d'Évreux
William d'Evreux was a member of the Norman nobility at the time of William the Conqueror's ascendancy in Normandy. William was a son of Robert II Archbishop
Jan 13th 2017

William D. Coleman (pastor)
William D. Coleman (November 26, 1915 - October 22, 2001) was the first Principal of the Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad. Coleman was
Feb 18th 2017

William D. Boyce
BSA introduced the William D. Boyce-New-Unit-Organization-AwardBoyce New Unit Organization Award, presented to the organizer of any new Scouting unit. Boyce, William D. (1883). Lisbon and
May 20th 2017

William Lee D. Ewing
2007-04-04.  Illinois 2005-2006 Blue Book United States Congress. "William Lee D. Ewing (id: E000283)". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress
Feb 21st 2017

William Brackenridge
TheyThey had at least four children: Agnes (1846), Robert Buist (1847), William D. (1850), and Jane Henderson Brackenridge (1854). The plant genus Brackenridgea
Apr 12th 2017

William D. Newland
William D. Newland (January 5, 1841–1914) was a United States Navy sailor and a recipient of America's highest military decoration—the Medal of Honor—for
Apr 27th 2017

William d'Aubigny (died 1139)
William d'Aubigny (died 1139), also called William de Albini or William d'Albini and known as Pincerna, was an Anglo-Norman nobleman. He was lord of the
Oct 31st 2016

William D. Edwards
William D. Edwards (1849 – January 24, 1903) was an AmericanAmerican soldier in the U.S. ArmyArmy who served with the 7th U.S. Infantry during the Indian Wars. A
May 3rd 2016

William D. McGee
William D. McGee (1923 - March 19, 1945) was a United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decoration—the Medal
Oct 9th 2016

William Spaulding (Washington, D.C.)
William Ridley Spaulding (born June 15, 1924) was an American legislator during the 1970s and 1980s who, running as a Democrat, was elected one of the
Jan 17th 2017

William Dawson Lawrence
was a successful shipbuilder, businessman and politician. He built the William D. Lawrence, which is reported to be the largest wooden ship ever built
Dec 9th 2016

William D. Roberts House
The William D. Roberts House is a historic building located in Provo, Utah, United States. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Nov 29th 2016

William Knox D'Arcy
William Knox D'Arcy (11 October 1849 – 1 May 1917) was one of the principal founders of the oil and petrochemical industry in Persia (Iran). Concession
Apr 3rd 2017

William D. Halyburton Jr.
Apr 26th 2017

William D. Browne
people named BrowneBrowne William Browne, see BrowneBrowne William Browne (disambiguation). Major William D. Browne is a former U.S. Army officer. He served in the postwar occupation
Feb 15th 2016

William D. S. Daniel
William D. S. Daniel, (Assyrian: ܘܠܝܡ ܕܢܝܐܝܠ) was an Assyrian author, poet and musician. He was born March 17, 1903 in Urmia, Iran and died in San Jose
Jan 8th 2017

Dr. William D. Young Memorial
The Dr. William D. Young Memorial is a drinking fountain and memorial that was erected on the eastern border of Kew Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feb 28th 2017

William D. Hoard
creates a Wisconsin state holiday called William D. Hoard Day. It reads "October 10 is designated as William D. Hoard Day. Appropriate exercises and celebrations
Dec 24th 2016

William Coleman
the Coleman-Company-William-DColeman Company William D. Coleman (pastor), first principal of the Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad William D. Coleman (politician)
Mar 31st 2017

William David Upshaw
U000026)". Biographical Directory of the United States CongressWilliam D. Upshaw William D. Upshaw miraculously healed Described (in French) as "the driest
May 25th 2016

William Ruckelshaus
Retrieved August 1, 2012.  The William D. Ruckelshaus-Center-Official-Website--World-Resources-Institute-BiosketchRuckelshaus Center Official Website World Resources Institute Biosketch of William D. Ruckelshaus. Accessed March
May 12th 2017

William D. Williamson
Historical Society. William D. Williamson, The History of the State of Maine,Vol. 1 (1839) United States Congress. "William D. Williamson (id: W000554)"
Jul 17th 2016

William D. Ford
States Congress. "William D. Ford (id: F000270)". Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.  The Political Graveyard William D. Ford at Find
Jan 22nd 2017

William Dunn Macray
Macray William Dunn Macray (1826–1916) was an English librarian, cleric and historian. Macray was ordained and graduated MA. He was a Fellow of Magdalen College
Apr 6th 2017

William D. Alexander House
The William D. Alexander House is a historic house located in Provo, Utah. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is asserted to
Nov 29th 2016

William the Conqueror
William-IWilliam I (c. 1028 – 9 September 1087), usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England
May 20th 2017

William D. Lutz
William D. Lutz (born 12 December 1940, Racine, Wisconsin) is an American linguist who specializes in the use of plain language and the avoidance of doublespeak
Apr 17th 2017

William Keith Brooks
William Keith Brooks (March 25, 1848 – November 12, 1908) was an American zoologist, born in Cleveland, Ohio, March 25, 1848. He was educated at Williams
Jul 26th 2016

William D. Mullins Memorial Center
The William D. Mullins Memorial Center, also known as the Mullins Center, is a 9,493-seat multi-purpose arena, located on the campus of the University
May 17th 2017

William Russell
organist and composer Russell Bill Russell (lyricist) (born 1949), Broadway lyricist William D. Russell (director) (1908–1968), American film and television director
Mar 8th 2017

William of Gellone
William Saint William of Gellone, also known as William of Aquitaine, (c. 755 – 28 May, 812 or 814 [uncertain]) was the second Count of Toulouse from 790 until
Jan 2nd 2017

William D. Lawrence (ship)
William D. Lawrence was a full-rigged sailing ship built in Maitland, Nova Scotia, along the Minas Basin and named after her builder, the merchant and
Nov 29th 2016

William Davenant
print posthumously. Several of these were included in The Works of Sr William D'avenant Kt., by Henry Herringman in 1673, which was copied from Davenant's
May 7th 2017

William Nordhaus
Nordhaus and James Tobin, Yale University (Link)" (PDF).  Nordhaus, William D. 1997. "Do Real Output and Real Wage Measures Capture Reality? The History
Feb 27th 2017

William Stryker
Colonel William "Bill" Stryker, M.D. is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is usually depicted as
May 14th 2017

William D. McElroy
American biochemist and academic administrator. McElroy was born to William D. McElroy and Ora Shipley in Rogers, Texas. After graduating from McAllen
Mar 18th 2017

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