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Wim Wenders
Ernst Wilhelm "Wim" Wenders (German: [vɪm vɛndɐs]; born 14 August 1945) is a German filmmaker, playwright, author, photographer, and a major figure in
May 19th 2017

Road Movie trilogy
trilogy is a series of three road movies directed by German film director Wim Wenders in the mid-1970s. They include Alice in the Cities (1974), The Wrong
Mar 5th 2017

Kings of the Road
Road (German: Im Lauf der Zeit) is a 1976 German road movie directed by Wenders Wim Wenders. It was the third part of Wenders' "Road Movie trilogy" which included
May 6th 2017

Summer in the City (film)
Summer in the City is the first full-length feature film by director Wim Wenders, released in 1970 and starring Hanns Zischler. Wenders' first full-length
Mar 6th 2017

upcoming American-French-Spanish romantic thriller film directed by Wim Wenders, based on the novel of same name from J. M. Ledgard. The film stars Alicia
May 17th 2017

Every Thing Will Be Fine
Fine. Every Thing Will Be Fine is a 2015 German drama film directed by Wenders Wim Wenders, written by Bjorn Olaf Johannessen and produced in 3D. It is Wenders
Mar 8th 2017

Room 666
Chambre 666) is a 1982 documentary film directed by German film director Wenders Wim Wenders. During the 1982 Cannes Film Festival, Wenders set up a static camera
Nov 2nd 2016

Palermo Shooting
Palermo Shooting is a 2008 film written and directed by German director Wim Wenders, and starring Campino, Dennis Hopper, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Lou Reed
Mar 15th 2017

Lisbon Story (1994 film)
de Lisboa (Brasil), German: Lisbon Story) is a 1994 film directed by Wim Wenders. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1995 Cannes
May 16th 2017

Alice in the Cities
(German: Alice in den Stadten) is a 1974 German road movie directed by Wenders Wim Wenders. This was the first part of Wenders' "Road Movie trilogy" which included
Mar 1st 2017

Willem Wim Vriend (born 1941), former water polo player Ernest Wilhelm Wim Wenders (born 1945), German film director, playwright, photographer and producer
Apr 18th 2017

Tokyo-Ga is a 1985 documentary film (shot in spring 1983) directed by Wim Wenders ostensibly about filmmaker Yasujirō Ozu. The film ranges from explicit
Jan 23rd 2017

Notebook on Cities and Clothes
Cities and Clothes is a documentary film about Yohji Yamamoto directed by Wim Wenders. Despite Wender's previous disdain for fashion, he undertook filming
Mar 2nd 2017

The Wrong Move
title) (German: Falsche Bewegung) is a 1975 German road movie directed by Wenders Wim Wenders. This was the second part of Wenders' "Road Movie trilogy" which included
May 17th 2017

Lightning Over Water
Lightning Over Water is a 1980 documentary film by Wim Wenders and Nicholas Ray about the last days of Ray's own life; the director was most famous for
May 15th 2017

Wim Goes Architectuur
Wim Goes Architectuur is an architecture practice founded by Wim Goes (Ghent, BE) in 1999. Next to his architecture practice, Wim Goes has published drawings
Feb 14th 2017

The Soul of a Man
The Soul of a Man is a 2003 documentary film, directed by Wim Wenders, as the second instalment of the documentary film series The Blues, produced by
Jul 20th 2015

Don't Come Knocking
Knocking is a 2005 film, a drama road movie directed by German director Wenders Wim Wenders and written by Wenders and actor/playwright Sam Shepard. The two had
Mar 2nd 2017

The State of Things (film)
State of Things (German: Der Stand der Dinge) is a 1982 film directed by Wim Wenders. It tells the story of a film crew stuck in Portugal after the production
Mar 6th 2017

A Trick of Light
A Trick of Light is a 1995 German film directed by Wim Wenders. Its original German title is Die Gebrüder Skladanowsky, the film made with the students
Oct 1st 2016

Paris, Texas (film)
Paris, Texas is a 1984 drama film directed by Wim Wenders and starring Harry Dean Stanton, Dean Stockwell, Nastassja Kinski, and Hunter Carson. The screenplay
May 10th 2017

Rüdiger Vogler
the Penalty (1972) and Alice in the Cities (1974), both directed by Wenders Wim Wenders. The creative partnership of Vogler and Wenders lasted for nearly 20
Jan 25th 2017

1984 Cannes Film Festival
was held on 11–23 May 1984. The-PalmeThe Palme d'Or went to the Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders. The festival opened with Fort Saganne, directed by Alain Corneau and
May 27th 2017

Michael Meredith
screenwriter and producer. He frequently collaborates with German director Wim Wenders. Meredith is the son of the late former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and
Feb 10th 2017

Wings of Desire
Berlin Over Berlin") is a 1987 Franco-German romantic fantasy film directed by Wim Wenders. The film is about invisible, immortal angels who populate Berlin and
May 16th 2017

The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez
(French: Les Beaux Jours d'Aranjuez) is a 2016 drama film directed by Wim Wenders. It is based on the 2012 play Die schonen Tage von Aranjuez by Peter
Sep 15th 2016

Hammett (film)
Hammett is a 1982 mystery film directed by Wim Wenders and executive produced by Francis Ford Coppola. The screenplay was written by Ross Thomas and Dennis
Jan 13th 2017

Paris, Texas (disambiguation)
directed by Wim Wenders, starring Nastassja Kinski and Harry Dean Stanton Paris, Texas, soundtrack by Ry Cooder to the 1984 film by Wim Wenders Paris, Texas
Oct 20th 2013

39th Venice International Film Festival
Valerio Zurlini Satyajit Ray Andrei Tarkovsky The State of Things by Wim Wenders Imperative by Krzysztof Zanussi Querelle by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Apr 23rd 2017

Solveig Dommartin
Rozier. Her debut as a film actress was Wings of Desire (1987) under Wim Wenders. She was able to learn the challenging circus acrobatics in only eight
Dec 12th 2016

Short Letter, Long Farewell
collaborator Wim Wenders; the film can be seen as a response to the book. 1972 in literature Austrian literature Brady, Martin; Leal, Joanne (2011). Wim Wenders
May 16th 2017

European Film Academy
protect and to support the interests of the European film industry. Wim Wenders was elected Chairman. Two years later, the European Cinema Society was
Mar 4th 2017

5th Yerevan Golden Apricot International Film Festival
see over 160 films. Among the honorable guests of the festival were Wim Wenders, Enrica Antonioni, Goran Paskaljevic, Dariush Mehrjui, Catherine Breillat
Jun 18th 2016

The American Friend
American Friend (German: Der amerikanische Freund) is a 1977 film by Wim Wenders, adapted from the novel Ripley's Game by Patricia Highsmith. The film
May 25th 2017

In-Ah Lee
of production at the German-based Reverse Angle Production owned by Wim Wenders and his partner Peter Schwartzkopff. There, she was production executive
Aug 17th 2016

The Scarlet Letter (1973 film)
(German: Der Scharlachrote Buchstabe) is a 1973 German film directed by Wim Wenders. It is an adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel The Scarlet Letter
Mar 24th 2017

Hélène Louvart
She has worked with many French and international directors, such as Wim Wenders, Agnes Varda, Claire Denis, Christophe Honore, Jacques Doillon, Nicolas
May 20th 2017

The Goalkeeper's Fear of the Penalty
Tormanns beim Elfmeter) is a 1972 German-language drama film directed by Wim Wenders. It is also known as The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick. It was
May 16th 2017

Yella Rottländer
actress as well as costume designer. Rottlander first appeared in the Wim Wenders film Der scharlachrote Buchstabe (1972) in a supporting role. Subsequently
Jun 23rd 2016

8 (2008 film)
Campion: The Water Diary (Ensure environmental sustainability) Segment by Wim Wenders: Person to Person (Develop a global partnership for development) "8
May 5th 2017

Until the End of the World
French-German science fiction drama film by the German film director Wenders Wim Wenders; the screenplay was written by Wenders and Peter Carey, from a story
May 28th 2017

European Film Award for Best Director
The European Film Award for Best Director: 1988 Wim Wenders - Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin) Terence Davies - Distant Voices, Still Lives
Mar 15th 2017

The End of Violence
The-EndThe End of Violence is a 1997 film by the German director Wim Wenders. The film's cast includes Bill Pullman, Andie MacDowell, Gabriel Byrne, Traci Lind
Nov 13th 2016

Blood of Eden
earlier version of the a-side. This version had originally appeared in the Wim Wenders film Until the End of the World (1991) but was not included on the official
Mar 12th 2017

Rogue Arts
from acclaimed international and American actors and directors such as Wim Wenders, Anders Thomas Jensen, Martin Sheen, John Malkovich, Benicio Del Toro
Aug 9th 2016

Faraway, So Close!
(German: In weiter Ferne, so nah!) is a 1993 film by German director Wenders Wim Wenders. The screenplay is by Wenders, Richard Reitinger and Ulrich Zieger. The
Dec 19th 2016

National Bird (film)
documentary film directed by Sonia Kennebeck with executive producers Wim Wenders and Errol Morris. The film focuses on three whistleblowers who talk about
Apr 19th 2017

List of submissions to the 60th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film
Babette's Feast, from Denmark. The critically acclaimed Wings of Desire, by Wim Wenders, submitted by West Germany wasn't nominated, despite being one of the
Oct 8th 2015

Emotion Pictures
Emotion Pictures may refer to: A book, written by Wim Wenders. A song, by the band Comet Gain on the album Broken Record Prayers. A video, by the band
Aug 4th 2014

Sibylle Baier
appeared in Wim Wenders' 1973 film Alice in the Cities, and her music is also featured in Umarmungen und andere Sachen (1975) and in Wim Wenders' Palermo
Apr 2nd 2017

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