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Wing, Buckinghamshire
ISBN 0-14-071019-1.  David Nash Ford: Wing-ChurchWing-ChurchWing Church, BuckinghamshireSaxon Apse & Crypt David Nash Ford: Wing-ChurchWing-ChurchWing Church, BuckinghamshireMonuments 1st Wing
May 21st 2017

Christ Episcopal Church (Red Wing, Minnesota)
The parish of Christ Episcopal Church in Red Wing, Minnesota, United States, was founded in 1858. A wooden building was erected that served the early parish
Jul 18th 2016

Church Midwing JC-1
The Church Midwing JC-1, a.k.a. Church Mid-Wing Sport, is a midwing racing aircraft designed by James Church using the fuselage of a Heath aircraft.
Jan 23rd 2016

Red Wing, Minnesota
Red Wing is a city in Goodhue County, Minnesota, United States, along the upper Mississippi River. The population was 16,459 at the 2010 census. It is
Apr 11th 2017

Right-wing politics
Right-wing politics hold that certain social orders and hierarchies are inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically supporting this position on
May 29th 2017

Wing Commander (franchise)
Wing Commander is a media franchise consisting of space combat simulation video games from Origin Systems, Inc., an animated television series, a feature
May 11th 2017

Left-wing politics
Left-wing politics supports social equality and equal opportunities, often in opposition to social hierarchy and social inequality.[page needed] It typically
May 29th 2017

Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church
Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church (五旬節聖潔會永光堂) is a church located at 22 Heng Lam Street, in Lok Fu, Wong Tai Sin District, Hong Kong. The current
Oct 23rd 2014

Saint Marianeh Church, Ashtarak
Saint Marianeh church (Armenian: Սուրբ Մարիանե եկեղեցի; pronounced Surp Mariane), also known as Saint Marineh, is a medieval Armenian church located in
May 25th 2017

Right-wing terrorism
Right-wing terrorism is terrorism motivated by a variety of ideologies and beliefs, including anti-communism, neo-fascism, and a mindset against abortion
May 29th 2017

Wing & Mahurin
Wing & Mahurin was an architectural firm of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Its principal partners were John F. Wing (1852-1947) and Marshall S. Mahurin (1857-1939)
Sep 3rd 2016

Abbey Church, Nykøbing Falster
The Abbey Church (Danish: Klosterkirken), also known as Nykobing-ChurchNykobing Church, in Nykobing on the Danish island of Falster is a church in the Gothic style from
Nov 17th 2016

First Congregational Church of Albany
undertake finishing Fuller's original design with a Sunday school wing. The church commissioned Charles Schrade, an architect as prominent in Albany as
Mar 30th 2017

Red Wing Seminary
Red Wing Seminary was a Lutheran Church seminary located in Red Wing, Minnesota. Red Wing Seminary was the educational center for the Hauge's Norwegian
Jun 18th 2016

Wing, Rutland
Wing is a small village and civil parish in the county of Rutland in the East Midlands of England. The population at the 2001 census was 315, reducing
May 28th 2017

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Episode Zero
Mobile-Report-Gundam-Wing">New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Episode Zero (新機動戦記ガンダムW EPISODE ZERO, Shin Kidō Senki Gundam W Episode Zero?), released in the United States as Mobile
Jan 18th 2017

St Mary's Church, Dodleston
St Mary's Church is in the village of Dodleston, Cheshire, England. It is recorded in the National Heritage List for England as a designated Grade II listed
May 17th 2017

Østofte Church
Ostofte Church, located in the village of Norreballe on the Danish island of Lolland, was built in the 14th century. The Romanesque apse, chancel and nave
Nov 4th 2016

Old Crow Wing, Minnesota
Old Crow Wing is a ghost town in Fort Ripley Township, Crow Wing County, Minnesota, United States, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Crow Wing rivers
Oct 21st 2016

First Methodist Episcopal Church of Glendale
The First Methodist Episcopal Church of Glendale, located at 7102 N. 58th Dr. in downtown Glendale, Arizona, was built during 1928-29. Its sanctuary, with
Apr 28th 2017

Yung Wing
Yung Wing (simplified Chinese: 容闳; traditional Chinese: 容閎; pinyin: Rong Hong; Jyutping: Jung4 Wang4; November 17, 1828 – April 21, 1912) was the first
May 14th 2017

Right-wing dictatorship
A right-wing dictatorship (sometimes also referred to as a rightist dictatorship) is an authoritarian (or sometimes totalitarian) regime whose policy could
Mar 3rd 2017

The West Wing (season 6)
The sixth season of the American political drama television series The West Wing aired in the United States on NBC from October 20, 2004, to April 6, 2005
May 10th 2017

Catholic Church in France
The Catholic Church in France is part of the worldwide Catholic Church in communion with the Pope in Rome. Established in the 2nd century in unbroken communion
May 15th 2017

Immanuel Lutheran Church (Red Wing, Minnesota)
attracted nearly 600 people from Goodhue, Belvidere, Frontenac, and Red Wing. The church was dedicated on November 7, 1897, with nearly 1000 visitors attending
Nov 29th 2016

Crow Wing State Park
Crow Wing State Park is a state park of Minnesota, United States, at the confluence of the Mississippi and Crow Wing Rivers. The park interprets the site
May 21st 2017

First Baptist Church (Detroit, Michigan)
The former Baptist-Church">First Baptist Church is a historic Baptist church building located at 8601 Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. Built in 1909, it was designed
Nov 30th 2016

First Christian Church (Columbus, Indiana)
Christian-Church">The First Christian Church (originally known as the Tabernacle Church of Christ) in Columbus, Indiana, was built in 1942. It was the first contemporary
May 23rd 2017

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Immanuel Church or Immanuel Lutheran Church, Immanuel Evangelical Church, or Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church may refer to: in Israel Immanuel Church
Mar 17th 2015

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's Church (LaGrangeville, New York)
Coordinates: 41°38′44″N 73°45′36″W / 41.64569°N 73.75998°W / 41.64569; -73.75998 Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha's Church (LaGrangeville, New York) is a Roman
May 29th 2017

Boyana Church
The Boyana Church (Bulgarian: Боянска църква, Boyanska tsărkva) is a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church situated on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital
Nov 17th 2016

Church of Denmark
Church The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark or Church National Church, sometimes called Church of Denmark (Danish: Den Danske Folkekirke or Folkekirken, literally:
May 12th 2017

Church of God of Prophecy
Church The Church of God of Prophecy is a Pentecostal Holiness Christian non-denomination. It is one of five Church of God bodies headquartered in Cleveland,
Jan 23rd 2017

Fredens Church
Fredens Church (Danish: Fredenskirken, Peace Church) is a church in Aarhus, Denmark. The church is located in the district of Viby, 3 km south of Aarhus
May 21st 2016

First Congregational Church (Detroit, Michigan)
The First Congregational Church is located at 33 Forest-Avenue">East Forest Avenue (on the corner of Forest and Woodward Avenue) in Midtown Detroit, Michigan. It was
Mar 1st 2017

Nexø Church
Nexo-ChurchNexo Church is the parish church of Nexo, a port on the eastern coast of the Danish island of Bornholm. In the absence of records, it is difficult to
Apr 27th 2013

RAF Wing
WingRoyal Air Force Wing or more simply Wing RAF Wing is a former Royal Air Force bomber training station, situated just west of the village of Wing, in the Aylesbury
Jan 15th 2017

First Church in Albany (Reformed)
The First Reformed Church, also known as First Church in Albany or North Dutch Church, is located at North Pearl (New York State Route 32) and Orange streets
Oct 14th 2016

United Presbyterian Church (Scotland)
The United Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1847–1900) was a Scottish Presbyterian denomination. It was formed in 1847 by the union of the United Secession
Apr 12th 2017

Church of England
Church">The Church of EnglandEngland (C of E) is the state church of EnglandEngland. The Archbishop of Canterbury (currently Justin Welby) is the most senior cleric, although
May 22nd 2017

St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church
St. Ann & the Holy Trinity Church is a historic Episcopal church located at the corner of Montague and Clinton streets in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood
Feb 12th 2017

Franciscan Church of Shkodër
Franciscan-ChurchFranciscan Church of Shkoder [citation needed] is a Franciscan church in the city of Shkoder in northwestern Albania. In January 1947 the Sigurimi (Albanian
Dec 23rd 2016

United Church of Madrid
Madrid United Church Of Madrid, formerly the First Congregational Church of Madrid, is a historic church in Madrid, St. Lawrence County, New York. The building
Nov 29th 2016

St Mary's Church, Presbytery and Convent, Little Crosby
St Mary's Church, Presbytery and Convent are in Back Lane, Little Crosby, Sefton, Merseyside, England. The church is an active Roman Catholic parish church
May 17th 2017

Christ Episcopal Church
"Christ Episcopal Church" may refer to the following similarly named churches or parishes in the United States: Christ Episcopal Church (Tuscaloosa,
May 7th 2017

Grace Church (Rutland, Vermont)
Grace Congregational United Church of Christ is a Protestant church located in Rutland, Vermont. The church's congregation first gathered in 1788 as East
May 19th 2014

St Thomas' Church, Friarmere
St Thomas' Church, Friarmere, also known as Heights Chapel, is a redundant Anglican church standing on a hillside overlooking the village of Delph, Greater
May 18th 2017

RagWing RW4 Midwing Sport
RagWing-RW4">The RagWing RW4 Midwing Sport is a single seat, strut-braced mid wing, single engine ultralight aircraft designed by Roger Mann and sold as plans by RagWing
Jun 23rd 2015

Christ Church Chapel
The Christ Church Chapel is a religious building located at 61 Grosse Pointe Rd. in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan. It is also known as the Christ Church
Dec 8th 2016

First Baptist Church (Columbus, Indiana)
First Baptist Church is one of six national historic landmarks in Columbus, Indiana. It was designed by distinguished architect Harry Weese; construction
Dec 16th 2016

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