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Elizabeth Pipe Wolferstan
Elizabeth Pipe-Wolferstan (1763-1845; also known as Elizabeth Jervis) was an English novelist and poet. Elizabeth Jervis was born in London in 1763 and
Mar 23rd 2017

Francis Pipe-Wolferstan
Pipe Francis Stafford Pipe-Wolferstan (14 October 1826 – 3 November 1900) was an English cricketer. Pipe-Wolferstan's batting style is unknown. Born at Statfold
Feb 6th 2017

Francis Wolferstan Thomas
Francis Wolferstan Thomas (January 9, 1834 – 1900) was a Canadian banker and a philanthropist in Montreal. Born January 9, 1834, at Morwenstow, Cornwall
Jul 23rd 2016

Harold Wolferstan Thomas
Harold Wolferstan Thomas (1875–1931) was a Canadian doctor, noted for his research in the field of tropical medicine. Harold Wolferstan Thomas was born
Mar 2nd 2016

Dadie Rylands
George Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands CH CBE (23 October 1902 – 16 January 1999), known as Dadie Rylands, was a British literary scholar and theatre director
Apr 17th 2017

Edward Hicks (MP)
Hicks died at the age of 74. Hicks married Grace Pipe-Wolferstan, daughter of Stanley Pipe-Wolferstan of Statfold Staffordshire in 1838. Leigh Rayment's
Dec 19th 2016

Harold Thomas
officer Harold Thomas (boxer) (1909–1933), New Zealand Olympic boxer Harold Wolferstan Thomas (1875–1931), Canadian doctor All pages with a title containing
Mar 27th 2016

The manor has been in the hands of the Wolferstan family since 1590, following the marriage of Humphrey Wolferstan to Katherine, the heiress of the Stanley
Apr 3rd 2017

Francis Thomas (disambiguation)
(1826–1899), American physician and New York City politician Francis Wolferstan Thomas (1834–1900), Canadian banker and philanthropist Frank Thomas (bishop)
Jun 16th 2015

village, is a small building, with a nave dating from the 12th century. The Wolferstan Arms pub is on Main Road in the village. There is also the Samuel Barlow
Apr 3rd 2017

Elizabeth Thomas (poet/novelist)
Elizabeth Thomas [nee Wolferstan] (1770/71–1855), novelist and poet, is an ambiguous figure. Details of her early life are missing, and her authorship
Sep 28th 2016

Baron Dickinson Webster
Payne of St Christopher's. He married twice: in 1846 to Anne Maria Pipe-Wolferstan (1820-1848) by whom he had two sons who both died young: Baron Webster
Apr 14th 2016

Tristram Stuart
scandal. Stuart read English at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and won the Betha Wolferstan Rylands prize and the Graham Storey prize; his directors of studies were
Dec 13th 2016

Francis James Newman Rogers
and G. S. Norton, 1841; 9th edit. with F. S. P. Wolferstan, 1859; 10th edit. by F. S. P. Wolferstan, 1865; 11th edit. (with the New Reform Act), 1868;
Jul 8th 2016

Duncan Sayre MacInnes
Sayre MacInnes married May Millicent Wolferstan Thomas, the daughter of a prominent Montreal banker, Francis Wolferstan Thomas, and his first wife, Harriet
Mar 4th 2017

CD006201. doi:10.1002/14651858.CD006201.pub3. PMID 23807762.  Thomas, H Wolferstan (1905). Report on trypanosomes, trypanosomiasis, and sleeping sickness :
Apr 15th 2017

List of the first 32 women ordained as Church of England priests
Marshall Glenys Mills, Christ's Church, Clifton Jillianne Norman Clare Pipe-Wolferstan June Plummer Susan Restall, St Mary's, Yate Susan Rose Susan Shipp Margery
Feb 17th 2017

Anton Breinl
contribution to tropical medicine, particularly for his work with Harold Wolferstan Thomas, on a cure for sleeping sickness. The treatment he helped develop
Apr 9th 2017

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
who discovered one of the trypanosomes that cause sleeping sickness, Wolferstan Thomas who developed the first effective treatment for the disease, and
Feb 18th 2017

John Lancelot Todd
Dutton, Joseph Everett; Todd, John Lancelot; Christy, Cuthbert; Harold Wolferstan Thomas; Ernest Edward Austen (1904). Reports of the Trypanosomiasis Expedition
Oct 11th 2016

Cuthbert Christy
Joseph Everett; Todd, John Lancelot; Christy, Cuthbert; Thomas, Harold Wolferstan; Austen, Ernest Edward (1904). Reports of the Trypanosomiasis Expedition
Mar 31st 2017

Australian Institute of Tropical Medicine building
contribution to tropical medicine, particularly for his work with Harold Wolferstan Thomas, on a cure for sleeping sickness. The treatment he helped develop
Mar 25th 2017

Frederick Edmund Meredith
Hagerman and John Solomon Cartwright. Mrs Meredith was the widow of Francis Wolferstan Thomas, by whom she had three children. From 1903, he lived at a house
Feb 15th 2017

Richard James Wilkinson
Gazette of 6th December that year noted that "Messrs. Littleton Edward Pipe Wolferstan and Richard James Wilkinson (who reported their arrival in the Colony
Jan 28th 2017

List of English cricketers (1841–1850)
Pagden-C Pagden C. R. Payne-OPayne O. C. Pell-GPell G. S. Pickering-Pickering P. A. Pickering-FPickering F. S. PipePipe-J Wolferstan J. P. Pollitt G. D. Porcher H. J. Porter E. B. Prest W. P. Prest S. C
Mar 26th 2017

of a male hailing from the Omo River in Southern Ethiopia. In 1910, H. Wolferstan Thomas reported the second known case, describing the macroscopical and
Dec 10th 2015

List of Oxford University Cricket Club players
Pilkington-WPilkington W. Pilkington (1827) : W. Pilkington Francis Pipe-Wolferstan (1846–1847) : F. S. Pipe-Wolferstan Nicholas Pirihi (1997–1999) : N. G. Pirihi David Pithey
Apr 3rd 2017

Plymouth Raiders
Following the help of a local newspaper campaign in the Evening Herald, Wolferstan's Solicitors came forward with a sponsorship offer and investment that
Apr 25th 2017

British Housewives' League
2004 Is there a link between BSE, CJD and Scrapie? - article by Frances Wolferstan, challenges the official theory the authorities would have us believe
Mar 17th 2017

1987 Birthday Honours
British-Council">Assistant Representative British Council, Zimbabwe. George Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands, C.B.E. For services to the Arts. Sir Peter Markham Scott, C.B
Apr 24th 2017

1961 Birthday Honours
Phyllis Rose. For political and public services in London. George Humphrey Wolferstan Rylands, Fellow of King's College, University of Cambridge. For services
Apr 17th 2017

Twain–Ament indemnities controversy
Fourteenth, Nineteen Hundred Nine. China-Union-College-Press">North China Union College Press, 1909. Wolferstan, Bertram. The Catholic Church in China from 1860 to 1907. Sands & Co.
Dec 13th 2016

1918 Birthday Honours
ThomasAssistant Controller, Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps Farrar Wolferstan ThomasSecretary and Accountant, Red Cross Commission, British East
Mar 25th 2017

1918 New Year Honours
Inf. Lt Tmp Lt. Edwin Ernest Wilson, King's African Rifles Rev. Bertram Wolferstan, Royal-Army-Chaplains'-DeptRoyal Army Chaplains' Dept. Lt. John Herbert Greenwood Womersley, Royal
Apr 16th 2017

Thomas (surname)
(1826–1899), American physician and New York City politician Francis Wolferstan Thomas (1834–1900), Canadian banker and philanthropist Francis Xavier
Apr 27th 2017

List of World War II aces from the United Kingdom
the RAF; KIA 25 March 1945 Vigors, Timothy Ashmead 6 DFC--VillaDFC Villa, John Wolferstan "Pancho" 17 DFC--VoaseDFC Voase-Jeff, Robert 5 DFC* CdeG KIA 11 August 1940
Mar 28th 2017

George Maxwell (administrator)
1909–1915 Preceded by none, post created Succeeded by Littleton Edward Pipe-Wolferstan British Adviser for Kedah In office 1918–1919 Preceded by G.A. Hall Succeeded
Nov 14th 2016

LNWR George the Fifth Class
1910 5320 000000001936-02-01-0000February 1936 1294 WolferstanF. S. P. Wolferstan 4971 000000001910-11-01-0000November 1910 5322 000000001938-12-01-0000December
Mar 9th 2017

Robert Norman Bland
acted on Bland's suggestion and a CommitteeCommittee comprising Judge L. E. P. Wolferstan (ChairmanChairman), Commander-D">Harbour Master Commander D. C. R MacIntyre R.N.R., and Assistant
Mar 27th 2017

List of RAF aircrew in the Battle of Britain (V–Z)
November 2003 Viles, Leslie William Sgt BR 236 Sqn 1913-1958 Villa, John Wolferstan "Pancho" Flt Lt BR 72 & 92 Sqns DFC Died 1983 Vincent, Stanley Flamank
Apr 12th 2017

List of victories of Werner Voss
s/n A4165 from 59 Squadron Shot down Saint-Leger, France Captain Eldred Wolferstan Bowyer-Bower and Second Lieutenant Eric Elgey KIA 21 24 March 1917 @
Nov 8th 2016

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