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World Wrestling Council
The World Wrestling Council (WWC) is Puerto Rico's main professional wrestling promotion. It was originally established as Capitol Sports Promotions in
Apr 19th 2017

United World Wrestling
United World Wrestling (UWW) is the international governing body for the sport of amateur wrestling; its duties include overseeing wrestling at the Olympics
Dec 30th 2016

European Wrestling Championships
European-Wrestling-Championships">The European Wrestling Championships is main wrestling championships in Europe. Until 2005 there was held separate championships for each wrestling
Mar 30th 2017

World Council
Federation to confirm speed records of sailing crafts on water World Wrestling Council, one of Puerto Rico's two main professional wrestling promotions
Jul 19th 2009

Southwest Championship Wrestling
deals with World Class Championship Wrestling in Dallas and the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. In 2010 JADAT Sports Inc. bought all the footage
Mar 9th 2017

Thunder and Lightning (professional wrestling)
names Thunder and Lightning respectively. They currently work for World Wrestling Council. Both members trained in various small independent Puerto Rico
Apr 20th 2017

Impact Wrestling
"TNA Wrestling" redirects here. For the video game, see TNA Wrestling (video game). For the TV show, see Impact Wrestling (TV series). Impact Wrestling
Apr 26th 2017

National Wrestling Alliance
defended at CMLL events. In the Caribbean, long-time promotion the World Wrestling Council, owned by Carlos Colon and based in Puerto Rico, was a member from
Apr 26th 2017

International World Class Championship Wrestling
Wrestling held interpromotional events with the Puerto Rican-based World Wrestling Council, the American Wrestling Association and World Class Championship
Apr 11th 2017

José González (wrestler)
Wrestling League. Since 1973, he was a wrestler and booker for the World Wrestling Council and wrestled for the International Wrestling Association. He held
Apr 16th 2017

Midget professional wrestling
Sagrada he made guest appearances in Puerto Rico working for the World Wrestling Council (WWC) at their 17th Anniversary show teaming with Aguilita Solitaria
Apr 13th 2017

Professional wrestling in the United Kingdom
Professional wrestling in the United Kingdom spans over one hundred years but became popular when the then new independent television network ITV began
Mar 26th 2017

Hart wrestling family
Championship (1 time) – Bret Fifth Triple Crown ChampionBret World Wrestling Council WWC Caribbean Tag Team Champion (1 time) – Smith and Bret World
Apr 25th 2017

All-in professional wrestling
All-in wrestling was the first wave of professional wrestling in the United Kingdom to be based on the Catch As Catch Can style of wrestling. It was conducted
Dec 15th 2016

International Wrestling Association (Puerto Rico)
recent years, it has given the island's long-standing promotion World Wrestling Council a tough competition, featuring younger local and international
Feb 9th 2017

Stefano (wrestler)
across Puerto Rico including International Wrestling Association, World Wrestling Council and New Wrestling Stars. Soto would also make an appearance in
Apr 24th 2017

IWC World Heavyweight Championship
The International Wrestling Council (IWC) World Heavyweight Championship (Campeonato Mundial de Peso Completo de la IWC in Spanish) was a professional
Apr 16th 2017

Primo (wrestler)
Colon, better known as Carlito in WWE. He began wrestling in the World Wrestling Council, where he won the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship five times
Apr 25th 2017

Francisco Flores (wrestling)
International Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Cuban Assassin World Wrestling Council WWC World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Fidel Sierra Wrestling
Dec 31st 2016

Horace Hogan
appearing with promotions including the X Wrestling Federation, the World Wrestling Council and Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. In 2002, Bollea was signed
Feb 21st 2017

Suicide (wrestling)
Suicide is a professional wrestling persona, used by multiple professional wrestlers. Suicide first appeared as a fictional character from the video game
Apr 22nd 2017

Pakistan Wrestling Federation
Pakistan-Wrestling-Federation">The Pakistan Wrestling Federation (PWF) is the national governing body of sport of Wrestling in the Pakistan. The Federation was formed in Lahore in 1953
Feb 24th 2016

Rosey (wrestler)
on September 17 to begin their second. He also competed in the World Wrestling Council (WWC) in Puerto Rico during 1997, winning the WWC World Tag Team
Apr 24th 2017

USA Wrestling
USA Wrestling (formerly known as the United States Wrestling Federation and as the United States Wrestling Association) is the organization that currently
Feb 28th 2017

Women's professional wrestling
called luchadoras. The-Consejo-MundialThe Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL), or World Wrestling Council, has a women's division. The top of the division is the CMLL World
Apr 14th 2017

Bram (wrestler)
Thomas Raymond Latimer (born 6 August 1986) is an English professional wrestler and occasional actor, signed to Impact Wrestling under the ring name Bram
Apr 26th 2017

Professional wrestling in Australia
Professional wrestling in Australia makes up a small part of Australian culture. Unlike the North American or Japanese products which have large, globally
Apr 26th 2017

Decay (professional wrestling)
Decay is a villainous professional wrestling stable in the Impact Wrestling promotion, consisting of Abyss and Rosemary and formerly Crazzy Steve. They
Apr 26th 2017

List of Impact Wrestling personnel
Impact Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion based in Nashville, Tennessee. Impact Wrestling personnel consists of professional wrestlers, managers
Apr 26th 2017

Viscera (wrestler)
rival Yokozuna. Frazier then wrestled for the Puerto Rico-based World Wrestling Council (WWC). There, he feuded with Carlos Colon. The Universal Heavyweight
Apr 24th 2017

World Wrestling League
former champions of the International Wrestling Association and World Wrestling Council Eric Perez, Roberto Rubio and Jose "Monster Pain" Torres. The company
Apr 26th 2017

The Headhunters (professional wrestling)
during the talent exchange between Lutte Internationale and the World Wrestling Council. On June 23, 1987, The Headhunters defeated Len Shelley and Louis
Apr 26th 2017

Ramón Álvarez (wrestler)
twenty-eight years. El Bronco has held championship titles in the World Wrestling Council (WWC), World Wrestling Association (WWA Puerto Rico) and National
Mar 16th 2017

Raven (wrestler)
against Jimmy Jack Funk. Early in his career, Levy competed for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico as well as the Memphis, Tennessee-based promotion
Apr 24th 2017

Sabu (wrestler)
Revolution WAR World Extreme Championship (2 times, current) World Wrestling Council WWC Hardcore Championship (1 time) WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship
Apr 21st 2017

Bob Brown (wrestler)
Team Championship (Calgary version) (1 time) – with Kerry Brown World Wrestling Council WWC World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Dale Veasey WWC
Apr 24th 2017

Rico Suave (wrestler)
known as Rico Suave. He is best known for his 18-year run in the World Wrestling Council promotion. Estrada started training to become a wrestler at age
Apr 8th 2017

Death Crew Council
Death Crew Council (abbreviated to DCC) is a professional wrestling stable in Impact Wrestling, consisting of Bram and Kingston. The roots of the DCC
Apr 22nd 2017

Miguel Pérez (wrestler)
seconds in the new Garden. In 1974, Perez joined Puerto Rican World Wrestling Council on January 6, 1974 as Jose Miguel Perez. He was billed as the first
Mar 20th 2016

History of wrestling
Wrestling and grappling sports have a long and complicated history, stretching into prehistoric times. Many traditional forms survive, grouped under the
Apr 3rd 2017

Frankie Laine (wrestler)
International Tag Team Championship (1 times) - with Les Thorton (1) World Wrestling Council NWA North American Tag Team Championship (Puerto Rico/WWC version)
Apr 9th 2017

Gangrel (wrestler)
Heath">David William Heath (born February 16, 1969) is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his appearances in the World Wrestling Federation
Apr 21st 2017

List of Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards
Wrestler Promotion(s) 1980 Bruiser Brody World Wrestling Council 1981 1982 1983 1984 World Wrestling Council All Japan Pro Wrestling 1985 Stan Hansen
Apr 17th 2017

Steve Simpson (wrestler)
captured the Tag Team Titles there. Steve-SimpsonSteve Simpson also worked for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico. In 1986, Steve went to World Class Championship
Mar 9th 2017

The Godfather (wrestler)
"The Goodfather" redirects here. For the 1985 drama film, see The Good Father. Charles Wright (born May 16, 1961) is an American semi-retired professional
Apr 3rd 2017

Eric Pérez
wrestler called him and asked if he was available to work with the World Wrestling Council which led to a reunion between him and the company's vice president
Apr 16th 2017

Mike Davis (wrestler)
Wrestling USA Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Tommy Lane World Wrestling Council WWC World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Tommy Lane
Jan 10th 2017

AAA When Worlds Collide
When Worlds Collide (Spanish: Cuando Los Mundos Chocan) was a professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event that took place on November 6, 1994, at the
Apr 25th 2017

One Man Gang
Gang. In 2001, he also worked for the World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico where he won the World Wrestling Council Hardcore Title and feuded with Abdullah
Apr 2nd 2017

Tough Tom
matches. In 1990 the Texas Hangmen wrestled in Puerto Rico for the World Wrestling Council (WWC), including defeating Los Super Medicos (Super Medico I and
Mar 16th 2017

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