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This article is about the U.S. state. For other uses, see Wyoming (disambiguation). Wyoming i/waɪˈoʊmɪŋ/ is a state in the mountain region of the western
Apr 22nd 2017

University of Wyoming
The University of Wyoming is a land-grant university located in Laramie, Wyoming, situated on Wyoming's high Laramie Plains, at an elevation of 7,220 feet
Apr 19th 2017

Outline of Wyoming
See also: Index of Wyoming-related articles Main article: Wyoming The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide
Nov 10th 2016

List of Governors of Wyoming
This is a list of the governors of Wyoming, beginning with Territorial Governors. Wyoming Territory was organized in 1868, and the state was admitted to
Jan 24th 2017

Genesee & Wyoming
see Genesee and Wyoming Railroad. "Rail Link" redirects here. For other uses, see Rail Link (disambiguation). Genesee & Wyoming Inc. is an American
Mar 11th 2017

Scouting in Wyoming
Scouting in Wyoming has a long history, from the 1910s to the present day, serving thousands of youth in programs that suit the environment in which they
Dec 2nd 2016

List of counties in Wyoming
list of counties in Wyoming. There are 23 counties in the U.S. state of Wyoming. There were originally five counties in the Wyoming Territory: Laramie
Jun 20th 2016

Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming
Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over the state of Wyoming, except for one
Jul 27th 2016

List of Wyoming Attorneys General
The-Wyoming-Attorney-GeneralThe Wyoming Attorney General is the senior legal officer of the State of Wyoming. The-Attorney-GeneralThe Attorney General is appointed by the Governor. The 36th and current
Dec 20th 2016

Paleontology in Wyoming
in Wyoming refers to paleontological research occurring within or conducted by people from the U.S. state of Wyoming. The fossil record of Wyoming spans
Feb 8th 2016

Flag of Wyoming
The flag of the state of Wyoming consists of the silhouette of an American Bison. The red symbolizes the Native Americans and the blood of pioneers who
Nov 8th 2016

Wyoming State Penitentiary
Wyoming-State-PenitentiaryWyoming State Penitentiary is a Wyoming-DepartmentWyoming Department of Corrections state maximum-security prison for men located in Rawlins, Carbon County, Wyoming. The
Jan 26th 2017

Seal of Wyoming
The-Great-SealThe Great Seal of the State of Wyoming was adopted by the second legislature in 1893, and revised by the sixteenth legislature in 1921. The two dates
Jun 20th 2016

Cheyenne, Wyoming
populous city of the US state of Wyoming and the county seat of Laramie County. It is the principal city of the Cheyenne, Wyoming, Metropolitan Statistical Area
Mar 30th 2017

Secretary of State of Wyoming
of Wyoming is the state secretary of state of the U.S. state of Wyoming. It is a constitutional office, established under the Constitution of Wyoming. The
Nov 16th 2015

Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls
Wyoming-CowboysWyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls are the names given to the sports teams of the University of Wyoming. Wyoming is a member of the Mountain West Conference
Feb 23rd 2017

Wyoming House of Representatives
House The Wyoming House of Representatives is the lower house of the Wyoming State Legislature. There are 60 Representatives in the House, representing an equal
Apr 27th 2017

Wyoming, Michigan
Wyoming is a city in Kent County, Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 72,125. That makes it the 3rd largest community
Apr 15th 2017

Wyoming Senate
Senate The Wyoming Senate is the upper house of the Wyoming State Legislature. There are 30 Senators in the Senate, representing an equal number of constituencies
Apr 27th 2017

Wyoming, Ohio
confused with Wyoming. Wyoming is a city in Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. The population was 8,428 at the 2010 census. Wyoming is located at
Apr 3rd 2017

Wyoming Craton
Wyoming-Craton">The Wyoming Craton is a craton in the west-central United States and western Canada – more specifically, in Montana, Wyoming, southern Alberta, southern
Mar 18th 2017

List of state highways in Wyoming
Roads portal Wyoming portal Northwest Wyoming Road Report Update Wyoming Department of Transportation (November 2004). Wyoming Department of Transportation
Feb 27th 2017

Battle of Wyoming
The Battle of Wyoming (also known as the Wyoming Massacre) was an encounter during the American Revolutionary War between American Patriots and Loyalists
Apr 26th 2017

List of municipalities in Wyoming
Wyoming is a state located in the Western United States. According to the 2010 United States Census, Wyoming is the least populous state with 7005563767000000000♠563
Nov 20th 2016

Wyoming Territory
State of Wyoming. Cheyenne was the territorial capital. The boundaries of the Wyoming Territory were identical to the modern State of Wyoming. Because
Apr 18th 2017

Wyoming Legislature
Wyoming-State-Legislature">The Wyoming State Legislature is the legislative branch of the U.S. State of Wyoming. It is a bicameral state legislature, consisting of a 60-member Wyoming
Jan 15th 2017

Wyoming Department of Corrections
Wyoming-Department">The Wyoming Department of Corrections (WDOC) is a state agency of Wyoming that operates adult correctional facilities. It is headquartered in Suite 100
Nov 17th 2016

Wyoming Republican Party
Wyoming-Republican-Party">The Wyoming Republican Party is the affiliate of the Republican Party in Wyoming. Wyoming-Republican-Party">The Wyoming Republican Party controls both U.S. Senate seats, the
Oct 9th 2016

Wyoming Range
Wyoming-Range">The Wyoming Range is a mountain range located in west-central Wyoming. It is a range of the Rocky Mountains that runs north-south near the western edge
Feb 25th 2017

Sheridan, Wyoming
Sheridan is a city in Sheridan County, Wyoming, United States. The 2010 census put the population at 17,444 and a Micropolitan Statistical Area of 29
Apr 10th 2017

Torrington, Wyoming
seat of, Goshen County, Wyoming in the United States. The population was 6,501 at the 2010 census. It is the home of Eastern Wyoming College, and is the surrounding
Apr 10th 2017

List of Wyoming locations by per capita income
Wilson-Road">Moose Wilson Road, Wyoming $71,291 2 Teton Village, Wyoming $66,928 3 Wilson, Wyoming $65,489 4 Slater, Wyoming $44,985 5 Alta, Wyoming $40,680 6 Riverside
Dec 4th 2016

Wyoming Democratic Party
The-Wyoming-Democratic-PartyThe Wyoming Democratic Party is the affiliate of the Democratic Party in the state of Wyoming. The party is led by State Chair Joe Barbuto. Wyoming
Apr 11th 2017

History of Wyoming
prehistoric human habitation in the region known today as the U.S. state of Wyoming stretching back roughly 13,000 years. Stone projectile points associated
Mar 6th 2017

LGBT rights in Wyoming
of Wyoming face some legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. Same-sex sexual activity and same-sex marriage are legal in Wyoming. Wyoming
Mar 24th 2017

Wyoming Department of Transportation
Wyoming-Department">The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is a government agency charged with overseeing transportation infrastructure for the U.S. state of Wyoming
Nov 29th 2016

Wyoming (schooner)
Wyoming was a wooden six-masted schooner, the largest wooden schooner ever built.[citation needed] It was built and completed in 1909 by the firm of Percy
Dec 15th 2016

Wyoming High School (Wyoming, Ohio)
Wyoming-High-SchoolWyoming High School is a public high school located in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Wyoming, Ohio is part of the Wyoming City School District, Hamilton
Jan 29th 2017

Lander, Wyoming
Fremont County, Wyoming, United States. Named for transcontinental explorer Frederick W. Lander, Lander is located in central Wyoming, along the Middle
Mar 7th 2017

Evanston, Wyoming
Evanston is a city in and the county seat of Uinta County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 12,359 at the 2010 census. It is located on the
Mar 18th 2017

Gillette, Wyoming
Gillette is a city in and the county seat of Campbell County, Wyoming, United States. The population was estimated at 31,797 as of 1 July 2013. Gillette
Apr 29th 2017

Wyoming Board of Charities and Reform
Wyoming-Board">The Wyoming Board of Charities and Reform (BCR) was a state agency of Wyoming that operated the state's charitable and penal institutions. Article 7
Apr 8th 2017

Border War (Colorado State–Wyoming rivalry)
teams of University Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming, the Colorado State Rams and Wyoming Cowboys and Cowgirls. University Colorado State University is
Feb 14th 2017

Wyoming State Capitol
Wyoming-State-Capitol">The Wyoming State Capitol is the state capitol and seat of government of the U.S. state of Wyoming. Built between 1886 and 1890, the capitol is located
Apr 14th 2017

Casper, Wyoming
in and the county seat of Natrona County, Wyoming, United States. Casper is the second-largest city in Wyoming, according to the 2010 census, with a population
Apr 3rd 2017

Libertarian Party of Wyoming
The Libertarian Party of Wyoming is the Wyoming affiliate of the Libertarian Party. Wyoming Libertarian Party Officers Chairman - Dennis Brossman - Lander
Feb 12th 2016

Wyoming Republican caucuses, 2008
The 2008 Wyoming Republican caucuses took place on January 5, 2008, with 12 national delegates chosen by county convention delegates. A majority of the
Jan 15th 2017

Douglas, Wyoming
County, Wyoming, United States. The population was 6,120 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Converse County and the home of the Wyoming State
Feb 8th 2017

Wyoming's at-large congressional district
Wyoming'sWyoming's at-large Congressional District is the sole congressional district for the state of Wyoming. Based on size, it is the third largest congressional
Apr 25th 2017

University of Wyoming College of Law
University The University of Wyoming-CollegeWyoming College of Law is the law school of the University of Wyoming and the only law school located in Wyoming. It is situated in the
Apr 29th 2017

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