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Xiping County
Xiping-CountyXiping County (simplified Chinese: 西平县; traditional Chinese: 西平縣; pinyin: Xīping xian) is a county of Henan province in the People's Republic of China
Sep 12th 2016

Xipe Totec
In Aztec mythology and religion, Xipe-TotecXipe Totec (/ˈʃiːpə ˈtoʊtɛk/; Classical Nahuatl: Xīpe Totēc [ˈʃiːpe ˈtoteːkʷ]) or Xipetotec ("Our Lord the Flayed One")
Apr 10th 2017

Xiping Stone Classics
Luoyang". CCTV-9. 26 August 2011Xiping-Stone-ClassicsXiping Stone Classics (熹平石经) (in Chinese) Stone fragments from the Xiping reign in the Chinese stone rubbings database
Aug 17th 2016

Fang Xiping
This is a Chinese name; the family name is FangFang. FangFang Xiping (Chinese: 方西屏; pinyin: Fāng Xīping; born October 1958) is a former Chinese politician who
Mar 6th 2017

Xiping Station
Xiping Station is a metro station in Dongguan, China. It opened on 27 May 2016. "東莞首條地鐵線開通 港人北上更便利". 文匯報. 2016-05-27. 
Sep 2nd 2016

Zhu Xiping
Zhu-XipingZhu Xiping (born 1962 in Shixing, Guangdong) is a professor of Mathematics at Sun Yat-sen University, China. Zhu collaborated with Cao Huaidong of Lehigh
Nov 13th 2016

Zhang Gui
(Chinese: 張軌, 255–314) was the governor of Liang province and first Duke of Xiping under Western Jin. He was the seventeenth generation descendant of King
Aug 21st 2016

Zhang Yaoling
(Chinese: 張曜靈; 344–355), courtesy name Yuanshu (元舒), formally Duke Ai of Xiping, was briefly the ruler of the Chinese state Former Liang in 353 and early
Feb 24th 2016

Louis le Comte
Press, 2008, ISBN 0-295-98823-1, ISBN 978-0-295-98823-8 Xiping Zhang, Deshu Ding, Jinping Ye, Xiping Zhang, Deshu Ding, Jinping Ye Following the Steps of
Nov 22nd 2016

Zhang Jun (prince)
(公庭), formally Duke Zhongcheng of Xiping (西平忠成公, posthumous name given by Jin Dynasty (265-420)) or Duke Wen of Xiping (西平文公, posthumous name used internally
Feb 24th 2016

Zhang Xuanjing
(元安), formally Duke Jingdao of Xiping (西平敬悼公, posthumous name given by Jin Dynasty (265-420)) or Duke Chong of Xiping (西平沖公, posthumous name used internally
Feb 24th 2016

Zhang Chonghua
Tailin (泰臨), formally Jinglie">Duke Jinglie of Xiping (西平敬烈公, posthumous name given by the Jin dynasty) or Duke Huan of Xiping (西平桓公, posthumous name used internally
Feb 24th 2016

Tuku, Yunlin
Lunnei, Nanping, Shimiao, Shuntian, Tungping, Xibian, Xingxin, Xinzhuang, Xiping, Yuegang and Zhongzheng. Chungsan Street Tuku Night Market http://www
Mar 7th 2017

Zhang Shi (Former Liang)
province under the Jin Dynasty. In 314, Zhang Shi inherited the title Duke of Xiping as well as the governorship of Liang from his father. He was also honored
May 9th 2016

List of mathematicians (X)
(Italy, 1716–1786) Xin, Zhouping (China, ?–?) Xing, Yi (China, 683–727) Xiping, Zhu (China, born 1962) Xu, Chenyang (China, ?–?) Xu, Jinchao (USA/China
Nov 18th 2016

Township, Wugang, Henan, in Wugang, Henan Yangzhuang Township, Xiping County, in Xiping County, Henan Yangzhuang Township, Xi'an, in Chang'an District
Jan 17th 2012

Consort Yao
Yao (姚夫人, personal name unknown) (died 420), who was initially Princess Xiping (西平公主) of the Chinese/Qiang state Later Qin, posthumously honored Empress
Oct 19th 2016

founds the Gupta dynasty in northern India. Zhang Shi (張寔), Zhang Duke of Xiping and governor of Liang Province, (涼州)is assassinated by Yan She (閻涉) and
Aug 17th 2016

Zhang Mao
(Former) Liang ((前)涼成烈王) (posthumous name given by Han Zhao) or Duke Cheng of Xiping (西平成公) (posthumous name used internally in Former Liang) was a ruler and
Jul 22nd 2016

The Family Court
2011 to 27 September 2011, every weekday at 5:30pm. Huang Shuya, Shen Xiping, Lin Leshan and Zhao Ning are lawyers who are poles apart from each other
Mar 21st 2017

Wang'an, Penghu
Village Shuian Village Jiangjun Village Tungji Village Tungping Village Xiping Village Huayu Village Budai Port Jiangjyun Island Jongshe Historic House
Mar 22nd 2017

Jiaozhuang Township
Township (焦庄乡) may refer to two locations in China: Jiaozhuang Township, Hebei, in Nanshi District, Baoding Jiaozhuang Township, Henan, in Xiping County
Dec 24th 2015

Battle of Guangning
and hundreds of transport carts were produced. Jin forces attacked Fort Xiping, situated west of the Liu River, one of the minor tributaries of the Liao
Apr 21st 2017

Gukeng, Yunlin
Xinzhuang, Tunghe, Hebao, Gaolin, Shuidui, Tianxin, Gukeng, Zhaoyang, Xiping, Nanzi, Yongguang, Yongchang, Mayuan, Kanjiao, Huanan, Huashan, Guilin,
Jan 26th 2017

Stone Classics
Stone Classics may refer to: Xiping Stone Classics of the Han Dynasty Kaicheng Stone Classics of the Tang Dynasty
Dec 10th 2012

Kaicheng Stone Classics
Confucian classics have been engraved on stone tablets several times. The Xiping Stone Classics or Han Stone Classics were set up at the Imperial Academy
Jul 28th 2016

Pingshui, Chaling
Village, Longxin Village, Shibaotou Village, Erxian Village, Wufeng Village, Xiping Village, Huangnitang Village, and Xiaoshui Village. 茶陵县行政区划 (in Chinese)
Mar 28th 2017

West District, Chiayi
Panshe, Guohua, Daxi, Zhuanyao, Fuquan, Fuan, Xinxi, Gangping, Tougang, Xiping, Liucuo, Zijiang, Meiyuan, Hunei, Shizi, Hongwa, Guanglu, Fumin, Judian
Apr 12th 2017

County (什玲镇), in Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, Hainan Shiling, Xiping County (师灵镇), Henan Shiling, Suqian (侍岭镇), in Suyu District, Suqian, Jiangsu
Mar 11th 2012

Lianbin, Loudi
Jiulun Community, Minfu Community, Xianrenqiao Community, Maotang Community, Xiping Village, and Guancao Village (仙人阁社区、高车社区、太保社区、澄清社区、九仑社区、民福社区、仙人桥社区、茅塘社区、西坪村、冠曹村)
Mar 24th 2017

Hekou, Sangzhi
Village, Yangwan Village, Liangcha Village, Qianmin Village, Xinnan Village, Xiping Village, Linxing Village, Shazhou Village, Taiping Village, Tangfang Village
Mar 30th 2017

martyr (d. 362) Zhang Gui, governor of Liang province and first Duke of Xiping (d. 314) MarchSima Shi, son of Sima Yi, older brother of Sima Zhao and
Feb 2nd 2017

Xitun District
form Taichung special municipality on 25 December 2010. Xian, Zhishan, Xiping, Xidun, Chaoyang, Longtan, Huilai, Shangshi, Shangan, Shangde, Pengjia,
Mar 2nd 2017

travel to the Danube to fight against the Marcomanni. Last (7th) year of Xiping era and start of Guanghe era of the Chinese Han Dynasty. In India, the decline
Dec 20th 2016

Stem (ship)
Maine: International Marine Publishing Company. ISBN 0-87742-236-2.  Xiping Wang, James P. Wacker, Robert J. Ross, Brian K. Bradshaw (2008). Condition
Apr 5th 2017

He Qia
lifestyle. He Qia was born in Xiping County (西平縣), Runan Commandery (汝南郡), Yu Province, which is in present-day Xiping County, Zhumadian, Henan. In the
Dec 27th 2016

Tufa Lilugu
modern Haidong Prefecture). He was also described with the title Duke of Xiping at this point, although it was probably that Tufa Wugu created him with
Apr 17th 2016

Erlin, Changhua
pirates and smugglers." Fengtian Village, Tunghe Village, Nanguang Village, Xiping Village, Beiping Village, Zhongxi Village, Guangxing Village, Xiangtian
Feb 11th 2017

John Lott (mathematician)
Perelman's proof of the Poincare conjecture. The other two teams comprised Zhu Xiping and Cao Huaidong, and Gang Tian and John Morgan. They posted a paper on
Mar 4th 2017

Anxi County
Jingu (金谷镇) Longmen (龙门镇) Huqiu (虎邱镇) Lutian (芦田镇) Gande (感德镇) Kuidou (魁斗镇) Xiping (西坪镇) – home of the original Tieguanyin tea shrub There are 11 townships
Mar 6th 2017

Lian Prefecture (Guangdong)
(intermittently) from 590 to 1912. Between mid-600s and 621 it was known as Xiping Commandery, and between 742 and 758 as Lianshan Commandery. Guiyang (桂陽)
Oct 22nd 2016

Former Liang
remained largely titularly under the court of the Jin dynasty as the Duke of Xiping except Zhang Zuo who proclaimed himself wang (prince/king). However, at
Nov 2nd 2016

Zhang Tianxi
Gongchungu (公純嘏), later Chungu (純嘏), nickname Duhuo (獨活), formally Duke Dao of Xiping (西平悼公), was the last ruler of the Chinese state Former Liang. He was the
Feb 25th 2016

Erlangmiao (二郎庙镇) Zhongba (中坝镇) Xiaoxiba (小溪坝镇) Houba (厚坝镇) Liuhe (六合乡) Xiping (西屏乡) Tongxing (铜星乡) Xinchun (新春乡) Xinxing (新兴乡) Yixin (义新乡) Guanshan (贯山乡)
Mar 21st 2017

Princess Yan
most of his reign, used the Jin Dynasty (265-420)-created title of Duke of Xiping, and only late in his reign used the title "Acting Prince of Liang" (假涼王)
Feb 24th 2016

Yinchuan Poetry Prize
cash prize is awarded to the winning poet. The award was organized by Wang Xiping, poet and journalist, and sponsored by Zhang Shaohua, who provided 200,000
Aug 21st 2015

the Roman army in the East. Last (5th) year of Jianning era and start of Xiping era of the Chinese Han Dynasty. Battle of Jwa-won: Goguryeo Prime Minister
Jan 23rd 2017

Zhuolan, Miaoli
Jingshan, Laozhuang, Miaofeng, Neiwan, Pinglin, Shangxin, Xincuo, Xinrong, Xiping and Zhongjie.[citation needed] Pears, grapes, starfruits and tangerines
Feb 25th 2017

10 – Pope Miltiades Saint Metrophanes, Bishop of Byzantium Empress Liu E Zhang Gui, governor of Liang province and first Duke of Xiping (b. 255) Pi
Jan 10th 2017

Song Hun
before Zhang Zuo seized the throne from him and killed him), the Duke of Xiping, a Jin-created title that his ancestors had carried for generations. When
Feb 25th 2016

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