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Promise of the Flesh
Promise of the Flesh (Hangul: 육체의 약속; RRYukche-ui yaksok) is an award-winning 1975 South Korean film directed by Kim Ki-young. A melodrama about a
Sep 10th 2016

하늘처럼 Naeildo Malgeun Haneulcheoreom (あした、天気になれ – Ashita, tenki ni nare) 약속 Yaksok (ゆびきり – Yubikiri) 해바라기 Haebaragi (向日葵 – Himawari) 파란빛 레몬 Paranbit Lemon
Sep 10th 2016

A Thousand Days' Promise
A Thousand Days' Promise (Hangul: 천일의 약속; RRCheonileu yaksok) is a 2011 South Korean traditional melodrama about a woman (Soo Ae) who is losing her memory
May 15th 2017

Seo Jeong-in
(Gawi, 1976) “Winter’s Wanderer” (Gyeoul nageune, 1976) “The Appointment” (Yaksok, 1976), “An Outing” (Nadeuri, 1977) “The Shade of a Pavilion” (Jeongja geuneul
Jun 4th 2016

Han Malsook
1950's. Han explored these views further in “A Promise with God” (Singwaui yaksok, 1968). The story features a woman who bargains with God for her daughter’s
Jan 28th 2017

The Promise (2016 TV series)
The Promise (Hangul: 천상의 약속; RRCheonsang-ui Yaksok; lit. Heaven's Promise) is a 2016 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-ri (in a twin role)
Apr 10th 2017

Cho Byung-hwa
bakke) The Road to Fog (Angaero ganeun gil) Distant Promise (Meonameon yaksok), Star Appearing Even on a Dark Night (Eoduun bamedo byeoreun tteoseo) On
Feb 11th 2017

Lee Ji-hoon
version) 인형 (MR) Inhyeong (MR) 이별 이야기 Ibyeol Iyagi (Separation Story) 약속 Yaksok (Promise) My last love 다른 세상에서도 Dareun sesangeseodo (Even in another world)
Apr 15th 2017

Stairway to Heaven (2003 TV series)
(Hangul: 세상 끝에 서 있어도; RRSesang Kkeute Seo Isseodo) Promise (Hangul: 약속; RRYaksok) That's the Only One (Hangul: 그것만은; RRGeugeotmaneun) – Park Mook-hwan
Mar 17th 2017

Another Promise
Another Promise (Hangul: 또 하나의 약속; RRDdo Hanaui Yaksok) is a 2014 Korean South Korean film based on the true story about the legal battle between Korean conglomerate
Dec 31st 2016

Choi Jin-sil
사나이 Aseupalteu Sanai Jazz 째즈 Jjaejeu APT 아파트 Apateu MBC 1996 Promise 약속 Yaksok 1997 Star in My Heart 별은 내 가슴에 Byeoreun Nae Gaseume You and I 그대 그리고 나 Geudae
May 12th 2017

Grand Bell Awards
(English) Film (Korean) Transliteration 36 1999 Jung Jin-young 정진영 A Promise 약속 Yaksok 37 2000 Joo Jin-mo 주진모 Happy End 해피엔드 Haepi endeu 38 2001 Jung Eun-pyo 정은표
Mar 28th 2017

Sino-Korean vocabulary
Currency exchange 환전 (hwanjeon) 換錢 両替 / 兩替 (ryōgae) 換錢 / 换钱 Promise 약속 (yaksok) 언약 (eonyak) 約束 言約 約束 (yakusoku) 約定 / 约定,承諾 / 承诺 (約束 in modern Chinese
May 22nd 2017

Lee Geung-young
Beobchik Choi Sung-jae Kwon Chil-in 2014 Another Promise 또 하나의 약속 Ddo Hanaui Yaksok Kyo-ik Kim Tae-yun 2014 Genome Hazard 무명인 Mumyeongin Kim Sung-su 2013 Hwayi:
May 19th 2017

Exodus (Exo album)
Richard Garcia, Dantae Johnson, Labyron Walton   4:03 14. "약속 (EXO 2014)" (Yaksok) Chen, Chanyeol, Lay Lay, Deez Promise (EXO 2014) 4:46 Total length: 53:10
May 15th 2017

2008 in South Korean music
K-pop Pop "Family (feat. Son Dam Bi)"(released November 17, 2008) "Geu Yaksok (feat. Lee Jung Pyo)"(released November 17, 2008) Repackage of First album
May 6th 2017

Koyote discography
list  Prologue 순정 (Soon Jung) 금지된 사랑 (Geumjidwen Sarang) 만남 (Man Nam) 약속 (Yaksok) 편지 (Pyeonji) 그래 (Geurae) 기억해 줘 (Gieokhae Jwo) 내 사랑 전할 수 있다면 (Nae Sarang
May 7th 2017

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