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such as Yorkshire North Yorkshire, Yorkshire South Yorkshire, Yorkshire West Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Within the borders of the historic county of Yorkshire are areas which
May 26th 2017

Yorkshire dialect
The-Yorkshire The Yorkshire dialect (also Yorkshire Broad Yorkshire or Tyke) is a Northern English language variety spoken in England's historic county of Yorkshire. The dialect
May 20th 2017

Yorkshire County Cricket Club
represents the historic county of Yorkshire. The club's limited overs team is called the Yorkshire Vikings. Yorkshire teams formed by earlier organisations
Apr 29th 2017

ITV Yorkshire
ITV-Yorkshire ITV Yorkshire is the British television service provided by ITV-Broadcasting-LimitedITV Broadcasting Limited for the Yorkshire franchise area on the ITV network. Until 1974, this
May 13th 2017

Yorkshire and the Humber
comprises most of Yorkshire (South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire including Hull, the shire county of North Yorkshire and the City
May 21st 2017

South Yorkshire
Yorkshire South Yorkshire is a metropolitan county in England. It is the southernmost county in the Yorkshire and the Humber region and had a population of 1.34 million
Mar 19th 2017

Yorkshire Regiment
Yorkshire, North Riding of Yorkshire and West Riding of Yorkshire) except for the eastern half of South Yorkshire and the southeast of West Yorkshire
May 4th 2017

Capital Yorkshire
Yorkshire and the East Riding of Yorkshire from studios in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The licence held makes Capital Yorkshire the largest regional British
Mar 12th 2017

Yorkshire Hussars
The-Yorkshire-HussarsThe Yorkshire Hussars was a unit of the British Army from 1794 to 1956. The regiment was formed as volunteer cavalry in 1794 during the French Revolutionary
Feb 6th 2017

North Yorkshire
Yorkshire is a non-metropolitan county (or shire county) and larger ceremonial county in England. It is located primarily in the region of Yorkshire and
May 20th 2017

The Yorkshire Post
Yorkshire-Post">The Yorkshire Post is a daily broadsheet newspaper, published in Leeds, Yorkshire West Yorkshire, England, covering the whole of Yorkshire as well as parts of north
Apr 7th 2017

Yorkshire Terrier
The-Yorkshire-TerrierThe Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England, to catch rats in clothing mills. The
May 9th 2017

East Riding of Yorkshire
The-East-RidingThe East Riding of Yorkshire, or simply East Yorkshire, is a ceremonial county of England. It is located in the region of Yorkshire and the Humber. The
May 24th 2017

Yorkshire Party
Yorkshire-Party">The Yorkshire Party (previously Yorkshire-FirstYorkshire First) is a regionalist political party in Yorkshire, a historic county of England. Launched by Richard Carter
May 28th 2017

History of Yorkshire
YorkshireYorkshire is a historic county of England, centred on the county town of York. The region was first occupied after the retreat of the ice age around 8000 BC
Apr 3rd 2017

Yorkshire Dales
Yorkshire-Dales">The Yorkshire Dales is an upland area of the Pennines in Northern England in the historic county of Yorkshire, most of it in the Yorkshire Dales National
Mar 24th 2017

Yorkshire pudding
Yorkshire pudding is an English food made from batter consisting of eggs, flour, and milk or water. It is often served with beef and gravy and is part
Apr 14th 2017

Flags and symbols of Yorkshire
Flags and symbols of Yorkshire have been used to identify Yorkshire and its related councils through flags and symbols (including coats of arms). This
Feb 7th 2017

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
The South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive is the passenger transport executive for South Yorkshire in England. It is supervised by the Sheffield
Mar 19th 2017

List of places in Yorkshire
East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. List See List of civil parishes in the East Riding of Yorkshire, List of civil
May 2nd 2017

Yorkshire Forward
Yorkshire-ForwardYorkshire Forward was the regional development agency (RDA) for the Yorkshire and the Humber region of the United Kingdom. It supported the development
Dec 17th 2016

West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire is a metropolitan county in England. It is an inland and in relative terms upland county having eastward-draining valleys while taking
May 24th 2017

Fine Fettle Yorkshire
Fine Fettle Yorkshire (formerly Yorkshire Feta) is a British cheese made from the milk of sheep produced in North Yorkshire by Shepherds Purse Cheeses
Mar 16th 2013

BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, sometimes abbreviated to BBC Yorks & Lincs, is the name for the BBC's twelfth English Region, based in Kingston upon Hull
May 18th 2017

West Yorkshire Joint Services
West Yorkshire Joint Services (WYJS) provides a range of public services to the five districts of West Yorkshire, England (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees
May 29th 2015

Yorkshire Amateur A.F.C.
Yorkshire Amateur Association Football Club are a football club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. They were formed in 1918, and two years later
Mar 7th 2017

Heart Yorkshire
Heart-YorkshireHeart Yorkshire (previously Real Radio Yorkshire) is a regional radio station owned by Communicorp and operated by Global Radio as part of the Heart network
Feb 16th 2017

Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons
The-Queen's-Own-Yorkshire-DragoonsThe Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons was a yeomanry regiment of the British Army in existence from 1794 to 1956. The regiment was formed as volunteer cavalry
Feb 22nd 2017

West Yorkshire Metro
information brand used by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority in England. It was formed on 1 April 1974 as the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive
May 26th 2017

West Yorkshire Police
West Yorkshire Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing West Yorkshire in England. It is the fourth largest force in England and
Apr 30th 2017

North Riding of Yorkshire
The North Riding of Yorkshire is one of the three historic subdivisions (ridings) of the English county of Yorkshire, alongside the East and West Ridings
Sep 3rd 2016

Football in Yorkshire
Football in Yorkshire refers to the sport of association football in relation to its participation and history within Yorkshire, England. The county is
May 15th 2017

Yorkshire Ambulance Service
Yorkshire-Ambulance-ServiceYorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) is the NHS ambulance service covering Yorkshire in England. It was formed on 1 July 2006 following the mergers of the
Dec 29th 2016

South Yorkshire Railway
Yorkshire-RailwayYorkshire Railway was a railway company with lines in the south of the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. Initially promoted as the South Yorkshire Coal
Nov 7th 2016

Yorkshire Tea
to form four varieties: Yorkshire Tea Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water Yorkshire Gold Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated The Yorkshire Tea brand is being extended
Apr 10th 2017

Yorkshire Electricity
Yorkshire-ElectricityYorkshire Electricity was an electricity distribution utility in England, serving much of Yorkshire and parts of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire
Apr 5th 2017

Scouting in Yorkshire and the Humber
Scouting in Yorkshire and the Humber is largely represented by the Scout Association of the United Kingdom and some Groups of traditional Scouting including
May 9th 2017

Yorkshire Bank
Yorkshire Bank is a bank operating in England as a trading division of Clydesdale Bank and is ultimately owned by CYBG plc. It mostly operates in the
Mar 12th 2017

Yorkshire Men's League
Yorkshire-Men's-League">The Yorkshire Men's League is a rugby league competition for clubs in Yorkshire. It is a successor league for the Rugby League Conference also comprising
Dec 5th 2016

West Riding of Yorkshire
The West Riding of YorkshireYorkshire is one of the three historic subdivisions of YorkshireYorkshire, England. From 1889 to 1974 the administrative county, County of York
Apr 21st 2017

Newspapers of Yorkshire
now-defunct papers from YorkshireYorkshire. YorkshireYorkshire Post YorkshireYorkshire Evening Post (Leeds and West YorkshireYorkshire) The Press (York) (York and North YorkshireYorkshire) Bradford Telegraph
Jan 8th 2017

Yorkshire Traction
Yorkshire-TractionYorkshire Traction was a bus operator in Yorkshire that operated from 1902 until 2005. In March 1902 the Barnsley & District Electric
Nov 15th 2016

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Lancashire">The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway (L&YR) was a major British railway company before the 1923 Grouping. It was incorporated in 1847 from an amalgamation
May 10th 2017

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue
South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue is the statutory fire and rescue service for the area of South Yorkshire, England. The service covers the areas of Barnsley
Feb 20th 2017

Stagecoach Yorkshire
Stagecoach-Yorkshire Stagecoach Yorkshire is an operating division of Stagecoach-UK-BusStagecoach UK Bus. It was formed in 2005 to take over the former Traction Group fleets in Yorkshire by Stagecoach
Mar 29th 2017

Culture of Yorkshire
The culture of Yorkshire has developed over the county's history, influenced by the cultures of those who came to control the region, including the Celts
Apr 10th 2017

Yorkshire Wolds
440°W / 54.006; -0.440 The Yorkshire Wolds are low hills in the counties of East Riding of Yorkshire and North Yorkshire in north-eastern England. The
May 21st 2017

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Riding County Council. East Riding of Yorkshire-CouncilYorkshire Council is the local authority of the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is a unitary authority, having the
Apr 15th 2017

American Yorkshire
American-Yorkshire">The American Yorkshire, a breed of domestic pig, is the American version of the Large White pig, white in color, with erect ears, which are different
May 20th 2017

West Yorkshire Road Car Company
The West Yorkshire Road Car Company was a major bus operator operating in North and West Yorkshire between 1906 and 1987. The Harrogate Road Car Company
Dec 9th 2015

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