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E-Zee Possee
E-Zee Possee were an English electronic music group, active between 1989 and 1991, made up of vocalists and musicians, and led by MC Kinky. She was a rapper
Dec 10th 2016

Breathing Is E-Zee
E Breathing Is E-Zee is a song by E-Zee Possee featuring the vocals of Tara Newley. It made #72 on the UK Singles chart in 1991. Jeremy Healy - production
May 8th 2016

Love On Love
Love On Love is a song by E-Zee Possee. It made #59 on the UK Singles Chart and #30 on the Dance Music/Club Play Singles. "Ezee Posse* Featuring Dr
Aug 23rd 2015

The Sun Machine
is about the song by E-Zee Possee. For the song by Dario G, see Sunmachine (song). The Sun Machine is a 1990 song by E-Zee Possee. It samples David Bowie's
Nov 22nd 2015

Everything Starts with an 'E'
"Everything-StartsEverything Starts with an 'E'" is a song by E-Zee Possee featuring vocals from MC Kinky. It is considered by many to be the anthem of the acid house movement
Nov 30th 2016

Now That's What I Call Music 17 (UK series)
Wondress : "Got to Have Your Love" Bizz Nizz : "Don't Miss the Party Line" E-Zee Possee featuring MC Kinky : "Everything Starts With An 'E'" D Mob featuring Nuff
Feb 19th 2017

Naomi Thompson
Express">S'Express, singing on their #32 hit Nothing to Lose (Express">S'Express song) and E-Zee Possee on their #62 hit The Sun Machine. "Naomi Thompson Discography". Discogs
Jun 1st 2016

More Protein
created after finding a label to release the Jeremy Healy produced E-Zee Possee song Everything Starts With an 'E', which attained notoriety through its
Feb 4th 2017

Sunmachine (song)
This article is about the song by Dario-GDario G. For the song by E-Zee Possee, see The Sun Machine. "Sunmachine" is a song by English electronic music trio Dario
Nov 12th 2016

Jeremy Healy
Haysi Fantayzee. He also acted as co-songwriter and co-producer for the E-Zee Possee and Bleachin'. In addition, he has worked with Gwen Stefani on the mashup
Mar 24th 2017

MC Kinky
write the controversial song Everything-StartsEverything Starts with an 'E'E' as part of E-Zee Possee, which was banned by the BBC because of its lyrics and made #69 in the
Jan 2nd 2017

Haysi Fantayzee
George. He recorded on George's More Protein record label under the name E-Zee Possee. Caplin went on to a career as an entrepreneur. He founded several technology
Feb 7th 2017

Get Over It (MC Kinky song)
"MC Kinky's first solo single after featuring on E-Zee Possee's "Everything Starts With An 'E'". It was written by MC Kinky and produced
Jan 10th 2017

Memory of a Free Festival
October 1974 was included on the bootleg album Infected with Soul Love. E-Zee Possee released a dance song in 1990, called "The Sun Machine" which mentions
Apr 10th 2017

He collaborated with the British dance, acid house, and techno group E-Zee Possee with Jeremy Healy, producing their album The Bone Dance. While DJing at
Dec 22nd 2016

Tara Newley
Tara Cynara Newley Born (1963-10-12) 12 October 1963 (age 53) New York City, USA Origin London, England-Instruments-Vocals-AssociatedEngland Instruments Vocals Associated acts E-Zee Possee
May 12th 2017

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